How Can You Avoid Getting Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis, abbreviated as trich refers to a sexually transmitted infection or disease, which spreads through anal, oral or vaginal sex. Positively, Trich is curable with antibiotics and it is common among women than men. However, the problem is that in most of the cases, women fail to identify the symptoms associated with Trich infection and when it left in untreated condition, increases the risk related to HIV and other sexually transmitted problems.

How Can You Avoid Getting Trichomoniasis?

How Can You Avoid Getting Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis spreads via contact with pre-semen liquids, semen or cum and vaginal fluids. Hence, the best way of preventing trich and other related sexually transmitted diseases to avoid things spreading such fluids to other people via sharing of sex toys, rubbing of vaginas, vaginal sex and touching genitals in case you have any of the infected fluids on the hand.

However, most of the people have sexual intercourses at specific points of their lives. Hence, it is very much essential for everyone to go with safe sex. Particularly, you should use condoms, as the best way to reduce your risk related to sexually transmitted diseases at the time of anal or vaginal sexual intercourse. Furthermore, you should avoid sharing of sex toys, as those products pass infection in between sexual partners.

Ways to Prevent Transfer of Trichomoniasis to Others

If you identify that you are suffering from the problem of trichomoniasis, you should not have to be panic. Instead, you have to follow a few easy steps to make sure that you never transfer the problem to any other people.

  • Tell your present and past sexual partners about your trich infection, so that you should undergo with the necessary tests and take treatment within time.
  • Strictly avoid sexual intercourse until and unless your symptoms gone completely and for this, you have to wait for one week as you complete with your medicine.
  • You should ask your sex partner to undergo with treatment before involving in sexual intercourse.
  • Once you complete with your treatment, you should start with sexual intercourse again and practice safe sex always.

Steps to Reduce STI and Trich Infections

Now, let us have a look on a few steps, which help you in reducing your risk related to Trich and other related STI infections while involving in sexual intercourse.

Usage of Condoms: Condoms are efficient ways to avoid sexually transmitted infections when you have intercourse.

Get Tested or Diagnose: You and your partner should make sure of undergoing test or diagnose procedures for sexually transmitted infections. You have to talk with one another about your test results before you go ahead for sexual intercourses.

Stay Monogamous: Involving sex with a single partner reduces your risk related to trich infection and other similar types of sexually transmitted infections. Once you undergo with the test, you should stay faithful to one another. This means, you should perform sex with only one another and without any other else.

Put a Limit on Your Sex Partners: Your risk related to suffering from STIs by simply putting limit on your number of partners.

Avoid Douching: Douching intends to remove few of the normal vaginal bacteria, which are helpful in protecting you from Trich infections. Hence, you should avoid douching to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Avoid Abusing Drugs or Alcohol: Drinking alcohol or usage of drugs in excessive amounts increase risky behavior and put you at a huge risk related to sexual assault and potential exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, including Trichomoniasis.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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