Can you get Trichomoniasis from a UTI?

Trichomoniasis is a single cell organism found often in urinary tracts, vagina and intestines of women and men. Vaginal infections and urinary tract infections mainly take place because of trichomonas or vice versa via sexual contacts. In addition, it spreads from sexual fluids via anal, vaginal and oral sex. Vaginal/urethral infections caused because of trichomoniasis are curable with prescribed antibiotics and a few home remedies.

Can you get Trichomoniasis from a UTI?

Can you get Trichomoniasis from a UTI?

Yes, you can get trichomoniasis from a UTI. Trichomoniasis caused due to urinary tract infection or any other reason may not involve any symptom. Instead, the patients recognize the symptoms based on self-cervical and vaginal examinations. In case of the presence of symptoms-

Penile, urinary or vaginal discharge may be of grayish, greenish or yellowish and may contain a foul smell. Even it may involve bubbles or frothy substances.

Infection may cause irritation, soreness, burning and swelling of the genital passage.

Causes of Trichomoniasis due to UTI

Trichomoniasis, as mentioned here causes from a tiny parasite i.e. trichomona, which you may not view with your naked eye. Main causes of this infection and its relation with urinary tract infection are-

Unprotected Sexual Contact with an Infected Person: Most of the individuals especially women get Trich infection due to their unprotected form of sexual contact with infected individuals. It spreads whenever pre-cum, semen or cum and other vaginal fluids enter the vulva, penis or vagina.

Vulva Contact and Sharing of Sex Toys during Vaginal Sex: Trichomoniasis passes at the time of vaginal sex. This spreads via contact in between vulvas, sharing of sex toys and touching of genitals with infected fluids. Trich infection easily infects vagina, vulva, urethra, urinary tract and penis. However, it does not infect anus or mouth and other body parts.

Identifying Trichomoniasis Problem from UTI or Vaginal Infection

Only way to identify Trichomoniasis infection because of vaginal infection or UIT is to undergo with diagnose procedure. In case you feel irritation, painful peeing, weird discharge or suffer from any other similar types of Trich symptoms, you should immediately check with your doctor. Testing is good idea in case you perform sexual intercourse with someone suffered/suffering from Trich infection even when you do not experience any symptom.

Your doctor or nurse will definitely help you in figuring out whether you require tests for Trich infection or any other related sexually transmitted problems. The best part in this case is that test for STDs, including for Trich gives you peace in your mind. On the other side, if your test detects Trich infection, you will be able to know about it right away and thereby, cure with the problem by taking the necessary prescribed medications within less possible span of time.

Treatment of Trichomoniasis from UTI

Most of the times, Trichomoniasis is curable easily. For this, your doctor or nurse prescribe the necessary antibiotics i.e. tinidazole or metronidazole to treat your infection. You have to take only one dosage to get your problem cure within no time. In addition, if you undergo treatment for Trich infection, it is essential for your sexual partner to undergo with the necessary treatment. Otherwise, the infection will pass back or forth and even transfer to other individuals. In some cases, doctors prescribe medicines for you as well as your partner.

Important Points/Tips to Follow for Successful Treatment

If you are undergoing treatment for Trichomoniasis, you should-

  • Take your medicines in the same way, as prescribed by your doctor
  • Your partner should essentially receive the necessary treatment, so that none of you re-infects each other or any other individual.
  • Your doctor may sometimes prescribe separate antibiotics dosage for your partner. Both of you should make sure to take all medications, as your doctor mentioned to you and your partner.
  • Make sure of not involving in sexual activity at least for one-week period after you complete with your treatment course. This is because; medicine requires one-week time to overcome the problem of Trich from your body.
  • You should assure to avoid sharing of your medicine with anyone else (even with your sexual partner).

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