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How Do You Fight MRSA Naturally?

Due to the presence of the mecA gene in the genome which codes for altered penicillin-binding protein; this prevents the action of the beta-lactam antibiotics and hence drugs like vancomycin were discovered.

How Do You Fight MRSA Naturally?

How Do You Fight MRSA Naturally?

It is a fact that there are number of drugs available in the market but the harsh truth is that not all can afford these expensive drugs. Besides, the side effect related to these drugs has discouraged their use.(1)

Since there are a number of natural herbal medicines available for the treatment of MRSA infection their use should be encouraged in these groups of people who cannot afford such expensive drugs and for those who are developed resistant to vancomycin as well.(2)

Green Tea– According to a Japanese trial green tea is found to be effective against MRSA infection. It has got resistance to modulating action. The ingredients which are present in green tea include epigallocatechin gallate, which is responsible for its modulatory action. Several capsule forms are available which are given by dissolving in water. For skin infection, topical preparations are even available these days.

Dark Chocolate– Theobroma cacao (dark chocolate) is found effective against MRSA. It contains all the ingredients present in tea. This helps to reduce resistance in a patient with MRSA infection.

Tea Tree Oil– Tea tree oil which has got antibacterial property is used nowadays. It has gained popularity in the past few decades. 10% tea tree cream available as nasal spray is under trial. For skin infection, topical preparations are available which need to be applied on skin several times a day.

Volatile Oils– Volatile oils which include Lavender, lemongrass, and thyme have also got antibacterial properties. These are under randomized controlled trial.

Garlic– Allium sativum or garlic due to its antibacterial property has shown the excellent result in treating MRSA infection. These trials were done in vitro and presently reports of human improvement are yet not available. It has got pH regulating property and thus helps in attaining appropriate pH which is essential for better functioning of the body. The component allicin provides an antibiotic potential to the garlic. It is very effective against cardiovascular problems as well.

Turmeric – this has got antibacterial property and is effective against community-acquired MRSA infection

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is extremely effective against the drug-resistant organism.

Oil Of Oregano– Oil of oregano effective against drug-resistant bacteria. It has got anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and analgesic property. Due to its wide variety of activities, it is highly recommended as an ointment for skin infections.

Colloidal Silver– silver is known for its anti-inflammatory action since ages. Silver controls spread of infection apart from its antibacterial property.

Neem: Indian lilac which is also known as neem. Neem the most famous historic herb which is being used since ancient time is an effective intervention too. Neem is superior among all the herbs because of anti-carcinogenic potential. Neem is widely used for treat severe ailments. Neem ointments are best for treating severe skin infection.

In the time of Vedas, neem was used for bathing on a regular basis. This is because it has got several benefits including its antibacterial property.

Apple Cider Vinegar– like other drugs it holds antibacterial property but what makes this medicine unique is its ability to boost the immune systems. It makes the immune system potent. Once the immune system is boosted eventually infection is controlled more effectively.

Manuka Honey – this is a rare variety of honey which is not easily available these days. It was used in olden days to cure many diseases. It is extremely effective against community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection. Honey is considered the king of all natural remedies. It is potent against skin infection. It improves the immune status of a patient.

With the usage of these herbs on a regular basis, one can prevent staphylococcus infection very effectively. The main advantage of these medications is that they do not possess any side effect. Not only do they cure the diseases they prevent progression of the disease. Opt a healthy lifestyle by opting for these home remedies and definitely, you will never face any life-threatening infection. Hand washing should be inculcated as this is the major source for the spread of infection.


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