How Long Can Trichomoniasis Live On Objects?

Trichomoniasis or Trich infection takes place in male urethral or female vaginal areas and prostate glands. The infection takes place from Trichomonas vaginalis i.e. a microscopic and a single-celled protozoan.

How Long Can Trichomoniasis Live On Objects?

The trichomoniasis causing parasites can live on the objects for up to 45 minutes. Trichomoniasis on various objects and humans depends on incubation period. Trichomoniasis usually takes place as an asymptomatic infection. Accordingly, the infection initially does not show any sign of its presence. However, incubation period associated with the problem last from minimum 5 days to 28 days standard. Because of this, if symptoms develop, they may not appear for many weeks.

Even in some cases, females developing symptoms fail to notice it for maximum 6 months. At any particular moment, 3 percent of total reproductive age females suffer Trich infections. Moreover, a staggering fact is that about a quarter of vaginitis cases i.e. vaginal inflammations are because of Trichomoniasis protozoan.

Trichomoniasis Infection Period Reduces with Prompt Diagnose and Treatment

Diagnose of Trichomoniasis

Doctors diagnose the infection of Trichomoniasis based on-

Medical History: This includes a few important questions about your sexual intercourse practices and your sexual history.

Physical Examination

For Women: Physical examination for women includes a visual examination of the vagina, genitals or cervix to identify any patchy red spot caused due to Trich. In addition, pathologists assess any vagina discharge to identify its texture, odor and color. Furthermore, diagnose involves collecting a discharged sample to perform wet mount tests.

For Men: Physical examination for men involves performing penis’ visual examination and collecting a discharge sample from urethra or simply a sample of urine.

Tests/Diagnoses to Identify the Organism of Trichomoniasis

Wet Mount Test: Wet mount test is a common test available for women to identify the Trichomoniasis organism. This involves microscopic evaluation of vaginal fluid.

Other Tests: Along with this, doctors opt for various other tests to detect the problem, which include-

  • Antigen detection test
  • DNA probe test in amplified form to detect DNA i.e. genetic material associated with any particular parasite.

People may suffer from various types of sexually transmitted diseases or infections, like syphilis or gonorrhea simultaneously, as they suffer from Trich infection. If doctors diagnose a particular type of STI, it is essential for you to undergo diagnose for related STIs, so that you may undergo with treatment of every possible infection simultaneously.

Treatment of Trichomoniasis Problem

Trichomoniasis or Trich problem is curable with the help of an oral anti-protozoan medicine named tinidazole or metronidazole. You have to intake this medicine in the form of single dosage or as multiple ones, as recommended by your doctor. Simultaneously, you should make sure that your sexual partner should undergo with the required treatment within time. This will increase the overall cure rate and reduce the probability of re-infection or further transmission of the problem. Along with this, people infected with HIV should receive the same treatment, as in case of individuals with HIV negative.

Precautions at the Treatment

Besides intake of regular dosage, as recommended by your doctor, it is essential for you to take a few necessary precautions. These include-

Avoid Sexual Intercourse. Strictly avoid sexual intercourse during your treatment until and unless your symptoms go completely. Particularly, you should avoid sex at least for 1 or 2-week period after your treatment. You have to take the mentioned precaution even you do not have any symptom after the treatment.

Avoid Alcohol Intake. You have to avoid the intake of alcohol while you take medicines and for a period of 48 hours later. This is because; alcohol intake results in abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting sensations.

Ideally, trichomoniasis infection in women and men last for a period of 1 week provided they undergo with proper diagnose and treatment.

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