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What Can Trichomoniasis Cause If Untreated?

What Can Trichomoniasis Cause If Untreated?

Trich or trichomoniasis refers to a common sexually transmitted problem caused by protozoan infection commonly referred as Trichomonas vaginalis. This parasite spreads often via anal, oral or vaginal sex and it is a common type of STI prevailing in different areas of the United States and affects a large number of women as compared to men. Despite, treatment of this problem is easy i.e. with the help of antibiotics; a majority of women does not possess any symptom. In case it remains untreated, the problem may become complicated and increase the risk related to HIV aids.

What Happens when Trichomoniasis Remains Untreated?

What happens when the infected person does not receive treatment? Without treatment, trichomoniasis infection would remain in ongoing condition. Most of the men and women with trichomoniasis do not have any symptom or they never know about it. Even without symptoms, the problem may pass to other people (sexual partners) and thereby, increase the risk of causing Trich problem in them.

Increases the Risk of HIV /AIDS

Especially, if you suffer from Trichomoniasis or Trich, you remain at relatively higher risk related to attack with HIV virus that causes AIDS in case you expose to HIV. Moreover, if doctors detect you with HIV positive, trich problem may increase the risk of passing HIV AIDS to your sexual partner/partners.

Other STI Complications because of Trich Problem

Other than this, Trich infection may make easier contract with various other forms of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Especially, genital inflammation caused because of Trichmoniasis increases your risk related to getting HIV and other STIs. Other health conditions, like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and bacterial vaginosis may even take place with Trich problem. In addition, untreated infections lead to PID i.e. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and related complications-

  • Blockage in the fallopian tube because of scar tissues
  • Chronic pain in the pelvic or abdominal areas
  • Infertility

Adverse Effects of Trich Infection on Pregnancy

Trich infection may cause various complications in conceiving women. Particularly, it results in higher chances related to premature delivery or delivery of a baby with relatively low weight at the time of birth. Even in some cases, infection transmits to the baby at the time of delivery.

When Partner Does Not Undergo Treatment?

With proper treatment, your problem of trich will cure within one or two-week period. However, you may contact with the same problem after your treatment in case your partner does not undergo with the proper treatment or if your new partner has the same infection. In this situation, you should make sure to reduce your risk related to infection by assuring that each of your sexual partners undergo with the proper treatment.

Later on, you have to wait for clearing of Trichomoniasis infection before making yourself sexually active. Doctors usually recommend their patients to wait for at least one week after they take medicines before starting with sexual intercourse again.

When Retest and Retreatment are required?

In most of the cases, symptoms related to Trichomoniasis problem goes away after one week. However, if case the symptoms continue for a long time, you have to discuss with your doctor to get retest and retreatment. Moreover, irrespective of the condition, it is essential for you to schedule appointment with your doctor to undergo with a follow-up test at least for three months after you complete with the treatment.


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