How Long Does It Take To Die From Malaria?

How Long Does It Take To Die From Malaria?

Malaria was once considered a dreadful disease. But now with the passage of time and with the advent of science, this is no more the case. Death from malaria is rarely encountered these days. Only a few cases develop complications, these are the cases that are not treated in the early phase of the disease.

The complication of hypoglycemia, renal failure associated with malaria has reduced to a great extent. Whenever a doctor prescribes quinine to the patient, they have to make sure that the patient is not hypoglycemic and for that regular monitoring is done. In the case of hypoglycemia, dextrose is given intravenously immediately. With so many good techniques chances of death from malaria is almost negligible.

How Long Does It Take To Die From Malaria?

If a patient dies because of malaria the cause is mostly due to renal failure where erythrocytes are sequestered in renal tubules interfering with renal microcirculation and metabolism, acute renal failure may develop. If a patient with malaria develops anemia chances of death increases. This happens as the RBCs are removed from circulation by the spleen. Anemia at times can be lethal. When a patient complains of hemoglobin level less than 7 gm. % it is a time for a transfusion. Therefore with anemia come so many transfusion-related problems.

The death from malaria is very rare presently. Mostly death occurs from cerebral malaria where blood vessels are occluded by RBCs and thus blood supply is compromised.

This leads to cerebral problems. Cerebral malaria once was considered a grave problem but due to good diagnostic facilities and early diagnosis and screening, the problem of cerebral malaria has reduced to a great extent.


Malaria medications are quite reliable and resistance does not develop quickly. The dosing pattern with every age group changes and according to regimen changes with every state. Northern Indian states follow a different regimen while other states follow a different regimen. Combinations of drugs are given so as to prevent resistance. New drugs like artemether have revolutionized the management of malaria. Consequently with the advent of these new drugs chances of death due to malaria has drastically decreased. And it is expected that within a year, a vaccine for malaria would be coming up. Presently that vaccine is in its trial phase. Thus, sooner the vaccine will be introduced in the market the faster will be the patient turnover with malaria.


Besides vaccine, the people are really very aware these days. Prevention methods against the malarial parasite and its vector are taken by most people around the globe. Use of insecticides and mosquito nets is being used. Spraying of oil on ditches after heavy rainfall is another common method undertaken by the community to prevent breeding of mosquitos. Various methods which include space spray and residual sprays have been introduced. Usually in many places areas are fumigated with these sprays on monthly basis to prevent survival of mosquitos.

Besides this knowledge regarding the disease is given to everyone so that one can consult a doctor, if they find any signs of malaria. Disease occurs when there is lack of awareness. Once a person gets aware of the problem it is difficult to get the disease. Malaria once was considered a serious health problem, but now many of us have suffered from malaria and survived the disease. This shows that mortality is rapidly decreased because of the disease.

If the complications do occur for malaria, the time period required would be one month as complications are not developed within a night. These complications require almost a month to appear properly. But luckily with so much advancement in medical science, the infection is diagnosed early and there are fewer chances of death. Malaria should be treated in early stage and if it is treated early the disease can be rectified completely. Be alert and be aware.

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