How Does a Man Get Tested for Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is a form of sexually transmitted disease which is essentially caused due to a form of infection. This infection is basically caused by a kind of protozoan parasite, named as trichomonas vaginalis. Though there are vivid symptoms of Trichomoniasis among people, but most of the time patients may not have such manifestations of these symptoms.

How are Patients Affected with Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is a form of sexually transmitted infection caused by a form of protozoan parasite. As mentioned earlier, the infection is a sexually transmitted disease which happens to pass on to a normal person if a person has sex with an infected person.

  • Such a disease is more common among women and usually the genital tract like the vagina, vulva or the cervix gets affected readily.
  • When it comes to men, the urethra gets affected usually.
  • The parasitic infection is known to pass from the penis to vagina or vice versa during coitus.
  • Such an infection can also spread from vagina to another vagina easily.
  • The parasite so involved in the disease is not known to infect other parts of the body like hands, mouth or even anus.
  • The symptoms of the disease are quite subjective. This means few people have vivid symptoms while others may not have any.
  • Patients having Trichomoniasis without symptoms can also pass such infection to other sexual partners.

What are the Common Symptoms of Trichomoniasis?

Most of the people affected by such a disease may not have any definite symptoms to prove the presence of a form of parasitic infection. Most of the patients having the symptoms usually become aware of them within 28 days of being affected. Such symptoms range from mild to extreme form of inflammation. Some of the symptoms include-

  • While men experience itching and severe form of irritation inside their penis, women experience burning sensation along with redness and soreness in their genitals.
  • Discomfort is experienced while urinating with a feeling of burning sensation.
  • Similar discomfort is experienced by men during ejaculation.
  • Men can find usual discharge from their penis.

Women can find a strange change in the volume and consistency of their vaginal discharge. It can range from being a clear discharge to greenish yellow with a foul smell. A patient once contracted by Trichomoniasis may find is difficult and painful to have sex, and if not treated, such pain can stay for several months.

How Does a Man Get Tested for Trichomoniasis?

How Does a Man Get Tested for Trichomoniasis?

In order to diagnose the presence of Trichomoniasis, men usually have to get their sample of urine tested to detect the presence of any form of parasitic infection. It is the least invasive form to test the presence of such an infection. The doctor can also call for a visual examination of the penis in men in order to ensure the correct diagnosis and rule out other forms of infection.

What are the Risk Factors of Getting Affected by Trichomoniasis?

As explained, Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease which is highly contagious in nature. The chances of getting affected by Trichomoniasis increases in a person in case-

  • The person has multiple sexual partners. Having various sexual partners can easily increase the risk of the disease as one can be a carrier of the parasite and may not even know about it.
  • If the person has a history of having other forms of sexually transmitted infection, the chances of having Trichomoniasis increases. This is because infection can easily spread to a person having other forms of STI.
  • Having sex without condom is also a risk factor of getting the disease. Condom acts as a barrier during coitus and does not allow the spread of any form of infection.

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