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How To Stop Leg Cramps Fast?

It is true that today leg cramps are pretty common in people of all ages. Some people might get occasional leg cramps while others may get regular leg cramps. So it is important for all of us to know some of the best ways to stop leg cramps fast. This article deals with how to stop leg cramps fast.

How To Stop Leg Cramps Fast?

How To Stop Leg Cramps Fast?

Before we talk about the ways to stop leg cramps, we must know that why it is so important to learn the methods to treat leg cramps. Well! This is because when there are leg cramps, you not only experience pain or discomfort in legs but also have poor sleep quality. Moreover, we need to know about the treatments for leg cramps as we have to prevent these cramps from occurring in future. It is true that leg cramps are usually not harmful but sometimes it may depend on the underlying cause. Also, it is important to understand the factors that trigger the leg cramps or worsen them.

No matter what the cause is, leg cramps can be disturbing and painful for some. Hence, it is necessary to identify ways to stop leg cramps fast.

Medications – Taking some muscle-relaxing prescription drugs can help you stop severe leg cramps fast. Muscle relaxants help to relieve the tensed muscles and allow them to relax, thus relieving the cramp and the pain. These medicines must not be taken along with alcohol and must be taken only as prescribed.

Magnesium Intake – Sometimes magnesium deficiency can cause leg cramps. So if you are wondering how to stop leg cramps, having magnesium can be a way. If you have regular muscle cramps, it might be due to a deficiency in magnesium and you must add more of magnesium to your diet. You can find most of magnesium in foods like nuts and seeds. Magnesium is suggested for treating leg cramps occurring in pregnant women. However, it is best to seek medical advice before taking magnesium supplements, especially, if you are pregnant.

Stretching – One of the other best ways is stretching, which can help you stop leg cramps fast. You do not have to do complicated stretches; rather simple stretching of the leg muscles could also help. Stretch the muscle and rub it gently to help you get relief from the leg cramp.

Massage – Getting a massage on the area where the leg muscle cramps strike. This can help in alleviating the cramps and also help to get rid of soreness that generally follows a cramps. While this is a great way to stop leg cramps fast, regular massage can also help to reduce the frequency of episodes.

Relaxation – Relaxing your leg muscles can also help stop leg cramps fast. Most of us try and fight the leg cramps instinctively. However, sometimes this may make the condition worse. So, try letting the muscles of your legs relax and resist the cramps or the temptation and try to cross over it.

Heat Therapy – Heat therapy is known to be effective in many ways. One of the best ways to stop leg cramps fast is to apply heat therapy on the area as soon as leg cramps strike.

Flex Your Toes – One of the simplest ways to stop leg cramps fast is to flex your toes upwards immediately as you get the cramp. Flex and point all your toes and hold this for few seconds to get relief.

Drink Plenty Of Water – One more way to stop leg cramps is to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water, sports drinks containing electrolytes or other fluids. With this you not only treat the cramp but also prevent another cramps from occurring.

Walk On The Heels – Though it might look or feel silly, but walking on the heels can really help to stop leg cramps fast. This improves the blood flow to your leg muscles, which means you get quicker relief. This is also an exercise that can be done regularly to strengthen the calf muscles, which helps to prevent calf and foot muscles cramps.

Get Moving – It must be noted that simply walking around might help in getting you some immediate relief from leg cramps. It works by sending a signal to the muscle that it requires being relaxed after it is contracted.

Few Ways To Prevent Leg Cramps:

  • Drink adequate amount of water and remain well hydrated.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and take supplements, if needed to combat vitamin deficiencies.
  • Do not put your leg muscles under excessive strain all of a sudden.
  • Always remember to warm up before and also cool down after exercising.
  • Limit the alcohol amount that you consume.

If muscle cramps occur repeatedly or if you suspect any underlying health condition might be causing the leg cramps, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and know about the specific treatments and preventive measures.


It is true that most of us may suffer from leg cramps, especially because of our lifestyle in this busy world. However, it is always essential for you to be aware of how to get rid of the leg cramps and also ways to prevent any future attacks. Though we talked about some of the ways to stop leg cramps fast, it is always essential for you to consult with your doctor and take the best prescribed treatments for your condition.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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