A College Student’s Mental Health

The change that college lives bring to a person is both exciting and exhausting. It is a time of learning, improving, and socializing among like-minded peers. The first few months of college go by in a blaze while you get used to your new environment and friends. However, once the workload starts setting in and cliques are formed, it can become very taxing on your mental health.

To say that students’ mental health in the past two years has had it worse is putting it mildly. With the onset of the pandemic, there is a lot more to worry about and more strain you are put under. A study completed in 2021, highlights how over 50% of students between the ages of 18 and 22 suffered from at least one form of mental illness.

In previous years, when the workload was too high, college students would simply find workarounds. They would use online services such as essays advisor to complete their assignments. Or if they were feeling a little down, they could just take a short trip with friends to clear their minds and feel revitalized again. With the pandemic, however, a lot of that had changed as people were stuck at home or (in this case) dorms for days on end.

Trying to study while also dealing with mental health in college is counterproductive. It’s important to know why you’re feeling a certain way and how to deal with it. The best thing for you at this time would be to seek professional help. On the other hand, it is also important to deal with your time in college before any mental issues develop. Here are some tips to help you through your time in college.

1. Take The Time For Self-Care

Yes, college can make you extremely busy. But, self-care is one way to help you make sure your mental health is in check. Don’t spend all your time working on your projects. You can instead find a writing service online to do the work for you. An argumentative essay writer can help ensure you don’t get bad grades. Take that time you gain for yourself and do things you find fun or interesting. Even if it is for a few minutes a day, take the time to do it. You’ll thank yourself a few years down the line.

2. Take Part In Mental Health Awareness Activities For College Students

Many colleges have taken note of exactly how the pandemic has affected students. They try to incorporate some new activities to aid students in keeping their mental health in check. Try to attend at least a few of these activities with your friends. You never know what will help you unless you try it!

3. Work On Good Habits

Do you know your mental state can affect how your body performs? Well, conversely, physical activity can also help your mental well-being. How much sleep, nutrition, and activity you get has a direct effect on your mental health. Try to develop a healthy routine and stick to it for a few months until you get used to it. Also, remember, it can be hard to keep yourself accountable for your actions. So, get a friend involved and ask them to help you stick to your routine!

4. Find A Support Group

You can find many support groups locally where students with mental health issues attend. Being alone and not being able to talk about your situation can decline your mental health even further. Seek out a support system or ask your college advisor to recommend one for you (if you are comfortable with that).

5. Maintain Healthy Relationships

As a student, being alone is not ideal. You need the help of your friends and family to get you through tough times. Without that support line, you will only be making your current conditions worse. Try to maintain communication with your family back home. This can have a direct effect on your mental health. The same goes for friends in college. At times of need, there is almost nothing better than a comforting shoulder and ear to talk to.

Your mental health is not something you should take lightly. It can have a direct impact on your performance and ability to grow as a person. Not to mention, you could potentially struggle with the consequences for many years into the future.

Make sure you take the time to work on yourself. That is what is most important. If you’re struggling to cope with your workload, don’t just spend all your hours writing assignments. This can be very taxing on your physical and mental health. If you need help with your assignments, you can always hire an essay writer cheap online. Give the work to them and free up some time to spend on yourself. Your grades won’t suffer in the meanwhile!

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