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How Do Thoughts of Optimism Benefit Your Health?

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” This amazing quote from Helen Keller comes out true in a sense when we take a deeper look into an optimistic life and the health benefits. Having thoughts of optimism can help in improving our health in various ways. Let us take a look further and explore how thoughts of optimism benefit your health.

What is Optimism or Thoughts of Optimism?

Having thought of optimism means having a mental attitude that is characterized by confidence and hope for attaining success and having a positive outlook in life. However, it does not necessarily mean that being an optimistic person, you will always be happy or attain success. It is that if you have thoughts of optimism, you will not break down from failures and get up to achieve success.

If you are optimistic, you expect good things to happen and this can be beneficial in improving your physical health and also mental health. If you have thoughts of optimism, you will find yourself less stressed and also enjoy greater health benefits.

How Do Thoughts Of Optimism Benefit Your Health?

There is a wonderful connection between being positive or having thoughts of optimism and good health. Many research has also shown that an optimistic view toward life carries some excellent advantages.

Enhances Better Health:

Regularly studies have shown that people with thoughts of optimism are more likely to maintain better health as compared to those with negative thoughts. This includes a 50% lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and also greater survival rates while fighting against diseases like cancer. So, overall one can experience better health if they practice optimism.

Improved Sleep Quality

Sleep quality is improved when you practice optimism. Our body repairs and recovers the most when we sleep. According to a study, which was published in “Behavioral Medicine”, it was mentioned that people with thoughts of optimism tend to sleep better and longer. It is believed by researchers that optimists might interpret stressful events more positively and are more likely to use various coping strategies, thus helping reduce their tensions or worries while trying to sleep.

Faster Recovery

If you have thoughts of optimism, you can have a faster recovery from any disease and also recover quickly from any sort of surgery. So, one of the best ways in which thoughts of optimism benefit your health is a faster recovery.

Better Heart Health

Studies have shown that having positive thoughts can improve heart health. As per the American Heart Association, many studies explain that optimists have a reduced level of risk of heart failure, which goes up to almost 75% lower than those with a negative mindset.(1)

A study conducted by researchers in Denmark also found that in the case of heart patients who had a positive attitude, they were 42% less likely to die than those with negative thinking.(2)

It was found from a review of 10 studies with more than 200, 000 participants that in the case of people with thoughts of optimism, there was a 35% of the reduced chance of getting heart disease, and a 14% reduced chance of early death.(3)

Increased Immunity

One of the best things about having thoughts of optimism is that your body can experience an increased level of immunity. It has been explained by a study from the University of Kentucky that the more positive thoughts you have, the better your immune system would be. When we think positively, our body shows a stronger flow of immune cells in response to the invasion of any foreign ailment.

Better Emotional Health

Emotional health is equally important as physical or mental health. Research suggests that those who are trained with optimism, appear to become more able in handling emotions. It was found that women with breast cancer who had optimism were linked with better quality of life in terms of emotional, and social well-being.(4)

Reduced Level Of Stress

Optimists are known to experience less stress than realists or pessimists. This is because they expect good things to happen. For people with thoughts of optimism, negative events are like minor setbacks that they can easily overcome.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

A study that has been published in the American Journal of Cardiology has found that being optimistic can help in lowering the levels of cholesterol.(5) However, you should also try to keep your diet neat and take the right foods to keep your levels of cholesterol down.

Increased Longevity

“If you want to live long, live positive!” Yes, it is indeed that people with thoughts of optimism live longer. So, always try your best to live an optimistic life and take life in a broader sense.

How To Include Thoughts Of Optimism In Daily Life?

It is hard to change a pessimistic/negative mindset to an optimistic/positive one. However, with a few tips, one can do it. If you need to include thoughts of optimism in daily life, then follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Limit your time using social media sites, as you might easily get influenced by others’ lifestyles, and start comparing your life with others.
  • Think positive about yourself and also the people surrounding you.
  • Try to find good in every situation.
  • Challenge your mind to learn something new every day.
  • Focus on positive outcomes more while facing any challenge in life.
  • Try to improve physical and mental health with regular exercises.


Having thoughts of optimism is highly essential in today’s world because it helps in attaining success and also helps to overcome challenges easily. Not all people are born optimists. However, one can train their mind to become so. Now, if you want to win through your battles or if you want to bring a change in your or others’ life, then have a positive outlook!


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