6 Expert Tips To Strengthen Your Immunity

6 Expert Tips To Strengthen Your Immunity

Healthy living strategies bolster our immune system to function more efficiently by protecting against everything from chronic illness to virus with much sass. Today, we shall discuss some simple healthy living tactics which if followed can go a long way in enhancing your health. There are many strategies that you can adopt to strengthen your immunity and enjoy healthy living.

Here are 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity.

6 Expert Tips To Strengthen Your Immunity

Take Adequate Sleep

While you indulge in your beauty sleep, your body rejuvenates itself. Adequate sleep helps to replenish the dwindling stock of energy to get through the upcoming hurdles waiting to greet you once you awaken. This is not only needed for your performance, but also food your good health and immunity.

However, insufficient sleep can actually weaken you from the core. Even studies have seconded the same as flu vaccine did not work properly on sleep deprived people like it did on the well-rested ones. Sleep deprivation can also cause inflammation in one’s body. Thus, at least seven to nine hours of sound sleep is strictly recommended for adults on a daily basis. Hence, the first one of the most effective 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity is to get adequate sleep.

Work Out Well

Forget cardio training for six-pack abs, do you even remember the last time you visited the gym for one whole week? We understand that in some cases it might become difficult to opt for gym. In such cases you can even practice free hand yoga or engage in 30 minutes of brisk walking.

At the end of the day, you need to get those muscles moving to avoid being more vulnerable to external infections and diseases. Regular exercises during daytime also tires out your body and induces better sleep and relaxation. Thus, having a good daily work out or any form of exercise is also one the 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity.

Eat Healthy Foods

Faulty dietary habits or increased sugar intake can adversely affect your immunity and make you more prone to infections and allergies. One of the most discussed of the 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity is to eat healthy. Hence, it is best to make healthier choices – go for fresh fruits and vegetables serving as a rich source of vitamins C and E and other nutrients such as zinc and beta-carotene to strengthen your immunity. You can brighten up those gloomy mornings by filling up your breakfast plate with brightly colored options such as citrus fruits, berries, apples, kiwi, kale, red grapes, spinach, onion, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Choose to have chicken soup and fresh garlic, which aids in giving viruses and bacteria’s a tough fight. Studies have revealed that a bowl filled with hot chicken soup helps is recovering over cold and flu. Certain mushroom varieties like shiitake also have a significant role to play in guarding our body’s immunity frontier.

Manage Your Stress

Stress is a part and parcel of life whether or not you like it. However, when stress continues for long, it flushes a stream of stress hormones which makes our body susceptible to a bevy of diseases which can range from petty to terminal ones. It is not possible to get rid of stress completely, but you can surely manage it. Many things can be managed by slowing down a bit in your chase towards goal achievement, meditation, connecting with others travelling in the same boat as that of yours and exercising regularly. No matter which method works well for you, managing stress is essentially an important of the 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity.

A study has established that people who meditated over a period of 8 weeks had more antibodies for fighting off flu compared to those who didn’t meditate. Even after four months down the line, their immunity system was considerably stronger than the rest. In certain cases counselling teamed with proper medication can also work wonders in improving the immune function by regulating our body’s sleep mechanism. So, remember, manage your stress to strengthen your immunity.

Be Social and Active

Building strong relationships, getting to know new people and enriching from their rich cultural heritage can actually go a long way in improving your immunity. Compared to loners, people having friends tend to have higher immunity levels. This is the one of the simplest yet most effective 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity. A study conducted once revealed that a fresh-man having almost no friends was much gravely affected by flu when compared to those having deep rooted connections. Save apart the health benefits, it is always advisable to interact more with people and have healthy relations.

Laugh More Often

The last but not the least, one of the 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity is to laugh more often. Experts believe that laughter can move mountains by improving everything from your blood circulation to fighting off wrinkles. It is also known to fight the stress hormones building up inside our body by boosting the level of white blood cells that also wards off infections. Reminiscing about funny happenings can also impart a positive stimulus to your immunity system.

Hence, it’s advised to start practicing a metamorphosed lifestyle which incorporates these 6 expert tips to strengthen your immunity and lead a healthy life.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:October 10, 2019

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