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How to Deal with Social Media Anxiety Disorder?

About Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Parents across the globe are now getting increasingly concerned about the impact that social media has on their children particularly their emotions. This is more so because more and more distress calls are now being received and there is also an increase in the number of patients especially teenagers and even adolescents in counseling sessions. Anxiety and depression are the most common among all the complaints received [1].

Social Media Anxiety Disorder is not a clinical condition but is more of a state of mind that has engulfed the newer generation of our society due to the internet revolution and rapid growth of social media like Twitter and Instagram. This condition is quite different for the social anxiety which many people suffer from. Social Anxiety relates to persistent fear from social situations or performance related anxiety [1].

Social Media Anxiety disorder is anxiety caused as a result of being taken in a negative way for expressing views in social media by peers and friends. It leads to teenagers trying to avoid such platforms. Additionally, there have been various theories doing the rounds about hacked accounts and misuse of private information of users of a particular social media platform [2].

This constant fear puts immense pressure on the children resulting in social media anxiety disorder. However, there are various ways to deal with disorder. Read below on some tips as to how to deal with anxiety due to social media [2].

How to Deal with Social Media Anxiety Disorder?

When devising steps to deal with social media anxiety disorder, there are certain factors that are taken into account. The first and foremost is negative social comparison drawn out through social media. This results in peer anxiety and depression. Due to fear of being sidelined, youngsters start to avoid using the social medial platform and get devoid of many positive things that emanate out of social medial platforms [1].

Youngsters also get anxiety and depression due to peer pressure of not being connected with social media. In some cases, it has also led to suicide attempts due to being bullied by people through social media. Thus it is extremely vital to cope up with the anxiety caused by social media. This can be done through the different ways suggested below [1].

It is important to discuss with family and close friends on how to use social media effectively. This can best be done by speaking to people who have been using this platform in a positive manner for a very long time [2].

To prevent loss of private information, it is best to understand the application or the medium that you are using to connect to the outside world. Almost all social media platforms provide security settings which when applied and understood help in preventing data theft [2].

It is best to keep a low profile and connect with only a few close friends. This will allow you to be accustomed to the environment that social media possesses and then gradually start to increase your network [2].

There is another thing to watch out for when using social media is a clear understanding as to the manner in which it will be used, whether it is for educational purposes, political debates, or just making friends from different cultures. Most people use social media to catch up with old friends or boost their business by promoting their brands on social media [2].

When using social media, make a set of rules for yourself and make sure to stick with them. If you do not want to be a part of a massive political debate then make sure you let your connections know about it [2].

In conclusion, it is high time that we realize that social media is a part of life of the people in the 21st century. It is like what television was in the years gone by. Thus shying away from it is not going to help in any way. We have to accept the way it is. However, what we can do is prepare ourselves to make the best use of it and social media is not there to be ignored [2].


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