Kleptomania: Recovery Period, Prognosis, Yoga, Meditation

What is the Recovery Period/ Healing Time for Kleptomania?

Each and every case of kleptomania is unique. So the recovery program should match with the person specifically. What is appropriate for one, may not work for all. The most important step to treat the disorder is to accept the fact that you are suffering from the mental disorder of kleptomania. The admittance of the disorder is a strong ground to be cured, particularly when you are in prison, or in out of your relationship. Do not be frustrated and never try to hide it.

Overcoming kleptomania is not so easy, but recovery is possible provided that the treatment is followed strictly and asking for support. Depending upon the nature of the disorders, the 12-Step program is followed, the most important of which is to decide for a support. This sponsor should be a previous gambler who has been able to free himself from the mania and is able to provide a very useful service to the sufferer.

Kleptomania: Recovery Period, Prognosis, Yoga, Meditation

How to Deal with the Cravings of Stealing?

The feeling of compulsion to steal is strong, but it is very tough to make a better option. Making of healthier options that offer better network support, can make the resistance to the mania easier. The following methods may help in dealing with the cravings of kleptomania:

  • Attempt to get support: Meet a reliable member of the family, meet a buddy for coffee, or visit to a meeting for kleptomania Anonymous
  • Do other activities: Other than the usual activity distract your mind. It includes, cleaning of houses, visit to a gym, going to watch movies etc…
  • Postpone the hour of stealing even if it is sudden: Train your mind you will not steal and wait for 5 minutes, then 15 minutes, or for an hour and more than that. The longer you can resist your urge, the desire for stealing will get weaker and weaker, and finally it may be passed.
  • Practicing visualization can help a lot for kleptomaniacs: Visualize the condition when you are free from any urge of stealing. Also think that you are caught again and your family tainted again for your misdeeds.
  • Avoid loneliness: Never keep yourself aloof from society. Stay in touch with your friends, relatives and try to make new acquaintances.

If you cannot resist the urge of stealing, never feel disappointed, or do not find excuses that it is impossible for you to give up the mania. It is possible that you may fail again and again. The most important thing is to stick to the basic plan of treatment and continue with the process till recovery.

How is Yoga Beneficial for Kleptomania?

Yoga allows you to enter a meditative state by watching your breathing and moving your body with purpose. Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility and strength while giving an environment well suited to calm the body and mind.

Yoga can improve concentration and promote patience as well as contribute to a greater sense of control in more acute states when experiencing cravings of stealing.

Regular practice is needed to fully experience the benefits of yoga.

Yoga can be very helpful in kleptomania recovery. There are some Asanas (poses) that are very helpful for kleptomania recovery:

  1. Standing Bow Pose: This works best for attentiveness and steadiness. The focus and steady mind are essential to overcome stealing.
  2. Skull Shining breathing technique or Kapal Bhati Pranayama: It improves blood circulation, energize nervous system, revitalize the cells of the brain and calm down your mind. This breathing technique clears out subtle energy channels or nadis and helps resisting the desire of stealing.
  3. Alternate nostril breathing technique or The Nadi Shodhan Pranayama: Releases all the stress accumulated to calm down your mind cleanse and balance the subtle energy channels with this pranayama. The Nadi Shodhan pranayama also helpful to cure many respiratory disorders and helps to counter the negative effects of the de-addiction.
  4. The cobra pose or Bhujanagasana: This pose enlarges the chest and develops blood circulation, reduces exhaustion. It is also useful for people suffering from respiratory problem. By relieving this yoga minimizes stress and reduces the desire of stealing.
  5. The Bridge pose or Setu Bandhasana: It widens the lungs to allow more oxygen to come in. It helps to make the mind cool, lessens anxiety, stress and depressions and stretches the parts of the body, and above all helps to turn you averse to stealing.
    The Bridge pose or Setu Bandhasana Yoga Beneficial for Kleptomania
  6. The Child pose or Balasana: This posture calms down the nervous system and relaxes the mind and body.
    The Child pose or Balasana Yoga Beneficial for Kleptomania
  7. The Triangle pose or Trikonasana: It also reduces stress and anxiety and helps you fight better against the impulsive acts.
  8. The Tree pose or Vrikshasana: It maintains balance of body and make mind steady and focused to any goal.
    The Tree pose or Vrikshasana Yoga Beneficial for Kleptomania

The yoga training should be taken under the experts and be practiced daily for at least 20 minutes for maximum effect.

Can Mindful Meditation Help the Patients of Kleptomania?

The method of attentive meditation is unique, because does not change us directly from our present situation. Instead, this method helps us to build up awareness about the present moment. In addition, it teaches us how can we survive in the present, how can we be present with the present situation or circumstance. Attentive/ Mindful meditation also trains us it is not important that what is it, but it is more important to know that what is happening.

Mindful meditation can aid in the disorder of kleptomania. We highlight our existence when we are aware enough. We do not want be distracted or never allow happening, something which will make us different. Being attentive is not an alternate for the state, how an individual is actually playing part in his or her life and caring the needs of his or her own and others also. But the actual fact is we will be more efficient in our compassionate activities when we will be more attentive state.

What is the Prognosis for Kleptomania?

Kleptomania starts from early days, though most of the kids who steal in their childhood do not get affected with Kleptomania.

  • The disorder may change, but it leads to chronic.
  • It gets more complicated when the affected person is caught red handed.
  • As there is no social impairment, these people continue it with their daily lives.
  • People who take proper treatment can manage the disorder of kleptomania.

The treatment of kleptomania shows encouraging results. A considerable number of people have been able to manage their lives after 6 weeks of treatment. They could able to restrain from stealing. After treatment ends, some of them continue with the treatment to prevent relapse.

How to Prevent Kleptomania?

As the cause of Kleptomania is still not clear, there is no specific guideline to prevent it. Treatment from early stage can help to manage it effectively, or can prevent it from becoming worse.

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