Treatment for Kleptomania: Medicines, Psychotherapy, Self-Help Groups, Coping Tips

What is the Treatment for Kleptomania?

How is Kleptomania Treated?

Though humiliation, awkwardness or fear can make the patient to ignore to look for the treatment for kleptomania, but it is highly necessary to overcome these obstacles. In fact, it is not easy to overcome this problem by the affected person. If it is left untreated, kleptomania can be a long lasting even an unending condition.

Psychotherapy and medications are the mainly followed treatment for kleptomania, but sometimes self-help groups are also recommended for better effect. Actually, there is no established treatment; still the researchers are trying to investigate the best procedure. And so, try different kinds of treatment options that offer effective result.

What is the Treatment for Kleptomania?

Medicines for Kleptomania

Scientific research in some cases is done before using the medicines to take care for kleptomania, because there is no cure for kleptomania which is approved by FDA. Yet, certain medicines provide excellent results, but it depends on the situation, such as whether the kleptomania affected person are experiencing psychological disorders, such as obsessive compulsive disorder or depression.

Doctors may prescribe anti-depressant, particularly a SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor). Addiction to medicine which is known as Opioid antagonist possibly lessens yearns and satisfaction related to theft. Other medicines may be recommended as well.

Before taking any prescribed medications, consult with the physician, pharmacist or mental health provider about the probable interactions or possible side-effects with some other medicines.

Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy for Kleptomania

A type of psychoanalysis identified as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that helps to recognize damaging, negative behaviors and beliefs and also restores them with positive and healthy ones for kleptomania. The following techniques which are included to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are also helpful to beat the urges of kleptomania.

  • Covert sensitization for kleptomania is the method where the affected person can see himself/ herself in stealing and after that experiencing the negative effects for example, being trapped and caught red handed.
  • Aversion therapy for kleptomania is the method of practicing slight painful procedures, for instance, when the individual feels the urge for theft, holding up breath until he /she feel uncomfortable.
  • Systematic desensitization for Kleptomania is the method of practicing relaxation procedures and image the affected person is controlling the wish for theft.

Self-Help Groups for Kleptomania

The kleptomaniac may be benefitted from taking part in self-assistance groups comprised of 12 Step Programs. In case, you do not find such a group, particularly for the kleptomania, it is also useful to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or any other seminar for the addicts. Such groups are not always acceptable to the victims. If such things happen to you, ask your health provider for any other alternatives.

How to Stay Away From Recurrence of Kleptomania?

Relapsing/ recurrence of Kleptomania is so common. Insist on the healing plan to avoid worsening of kleptomania. Go to a reliable person or contact the mental health care provider or take the help of a support group when the individual feel the urges for theft.

How to Cope with Kleptomania?

With the professional treatment you can cope with the problem of kleptomania very well without compromising with health care. The following are the very important coping tips for patients with kleptomania:

  • Never stop the treatment procedure: Take the medication as advised by the doctors. Be regular in attending the treatment (psychotherapy) sessions.
  • Educate Yourself: Gain more knowledge about Kleptomania for better understanding of the trigger factors, risk factor and the treatments.
  • Discover the driving force: Discover the situations or feelings and thoughts that have kindled the urge in you so that you can take step measure against them. You can maintain a daily journal and make note of all the triggers and the things which are working to eliminate the triggers and those which are not working. Always be testing for new methods for eliminating the triggers.
  • Get treatment for substance abuse or other mental health problems: Your depression, addictions, stress, anxiety can influence each other that leads to a cycle of harmful activities.
  • Find healthy outlets: Search for the healthy ways to redirect urges to steal or shoplift through exercise and recreational activities.
  • Learn relaxation and stress management: Try some of the techniques to reduce stress reduction through yoga.
  • Stay focused on your goal: The process of recovery from the disorder may take time. Stay focused on the goal and remind yourself again and again for rectifying the upset relation, finance and other problem.

What to do If a Person you Love Suffers from Kleptomania?

If you ever believe that any of your friends or relatives is suffering from kleptomania, never blame or accuse him/ her. Remember that kleptomania is not the imperfection of character. Follow these points that may need to be emphasized:

  • You are worried about the health and care of your near and dear ones.
  • You are anxious about the compulsive risk of stealing, such as being defamed, arrested, losing employment, hurting the esteemed relationship.
  • You know a kleptomaniac feels strong urge to lift that can hardly be resisted. Useful remedial measures are there to reduce the strong desire to pilfer.
  • Useful treatments are there to reduce the urge to steal and help your loved one live without addiction and shame.

If you are in need of such a dialogue, meet with the expert who may suggest you a way to raise your concern without making your loved one feel threatened.

How to Support the person you love Who is Suffering from Kleptomania?

If any of your relative is under the treatment of kleptomania, you must make out the details of the disorder and the treatment plan and keenly support its achievement. It may be functional to attend a few sessions for the treatment in order to be ensured about the factors that lead to the urge for stealing and the most acceptable way cope with the condition.

You can talk with medical practitioners yourself that can be beneficial for you. Getting out of the disorders is challenging and can take a long time to be cured. It is true for both affected person and the close relatives. So, it is equally important to take care of your necessities and the better outlets for the reduction of stress, such as meditation, exercises, or spending some time with them.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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