9 Ways To Control Your Mood And Achieve Your Goal

We all at some point of the time have suffered from being out of the control of our mind. Do you feel anxious, fatigued and unhappy now? This is the time when our emotions take over and whenever it happens we promise ourselves that we will get over it and remain committed to our goal. However, it does not work and we end up losing our focus once again. Well! There must be a way! So, here in this article we will talk about some of the ways to control your mood and achieve your goal.

9 Ways To Control Your Mood And Achieve Your Goal

#1. Practice Cognitive Restructuring:

It is a proven fact we cannot control our own thought process but what we can do is control the effect that the thoughts have on us and the way we respond to them. There are several methods to conquer irrational and maladaptive thoughts for strengthening of debilitating emotions. One of the technique is “Reframing,” where, for instance, you change, “I cannot come out of the bad mood” to “I can turn the day around by gifting self at least 5 minutes for best of my mood.”

One more technique is having self-talks: “No big deal if the meeting with boss was difficult today” “No big deal if I did not get enough sleep at night” “So what if it is raining and cold outside?”; This self-talk helps you a lot if you really want to achieve results or your goals with energy, commitment and drive and control your mood.

#2. Halt On Negative Thoughts And Look For Positive Ones:

Sometimes putting a stop to your negative thinking is pretty easy. The next time you begin to criticize yourself just tell your mind to stop it. Apart from this, look for the positive thoughts to control and uplift your mood. “Love” is a word that is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “Looking for the good.” So, be positive, shower love and affection both towards yourself and people around you and focus more on your positive side and strengths rather than cribbing about your negative qualities. It may not be that you developed enough stamina by running a mile harder but it may be that the hard yards that you put in and your level of patience is what made you lose that additional weight that you had. It may just be that you were a touch anxious or nervous at a social gathering but you may have been complimented by your well-wishers about how happy and refreshed you looked and that spending time with you was always a happy feeling.

#3. Don’t Bully Yourself:

Do not bully yourself. Do not hold yourself to standards that you would not expect others to meet. It is a good feeling to excel but always wanting to be a step further than the best and if failing then punishing self is something that can have a detrimental effect on you. Do not think of negative expressions such as “I should have done it” as it is nothing but punishing self for something that could not be achieved by you and negatively effects your thinking and mood. So, stop it. Enough is enough! It is not good dig the past. It is always better to forget and move forward with life. Be kind to yourself and you can do this and be in control of your thoughts, mood and achieve your goal.

#4. Encourage Yourself:

You can encourage yourself by not focusing on the negative aspects and replacing yourself criticism with encouragement. Compliment yourself for what all you have achieved. Also compliment others that builds up confidence in you and you feel really good about self. Encouraging yourself is a sure shot way to control your mood and achieve your goal.

#5. Eat Healthy:

Sometimes our poor food choices can cause poor moods. Though you may feel immediate pleasure with some sweet fat or carbohydrate rich foods, but then you become sad and frustrated and with this, we end up eating more unhealthy foods. It is always advisable to remain in control by being well organized, even with the food habits or food choices. With improved moods, you can achieve your goals in a great way.

#6. Turn On The Music:

“Music can do wonders!” The harmony, melody, lyrics, and rhythm all have a positive effect on the way we feel and think. When you choose music properly, it narrows your attention, steering your focus away from negative thoughts and allows your thinking to become more clear and positive. So, when you want to control your bad mood, just listen to some of your favorite music and feel better emotionally and mentally. This helps in keeping you focused and help you achieve your goal.

#7. Exercise:

As per research, it is found that low-to-moderate intensity movements that are rhythmic and repetitive, enhances self-reflection, creative thinking and helps in promoting overall mood. So, it is great to incorporate some exercises into your everyday routine. Endorphins can be released even with a rapid walking even if it is just for 15 minutes and make you feel good and positive about yourself. When you are able to control your mood, you can achieve your goal definitely.

#8. Be Kind To Yourself And Let It Go:

Keep one thing in mind always that you deserve to be treated equally well like all the others. Keep doing things that are good for you and compliment yourself on achieving something that you had expected. Pampering yourself regularly definitely puts you in a good mood which in turn will help achieve your goal.

#9. Focus On Whatever Possible:

Avoid anything negative or “Can’t” thinking. Do not be afraid of seeking help in accomplishing things. However, remind yourself that you do not need approval from others so as to recognize and appreciate your accomplishments. Focus on what you are able to do or whatever is possible. Remind yourself of all your abilities and positive qualities from time to time. This helps in controlling your mood and in turn aids in achieving more success in your goals.

Let go of the past failures, think of now, think of today. This is NOW. Remind yourself that you will do this and see what it does in fulfillment of your goals!

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