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What Are The Character Traits Of A Narcissist?

Narcissists, or rather people with narcissistic personality disorder, are those who are self-obsessed and in constant need of attention and admiration as well. On top of that, they do not consider other people’s needs and always think they are better than everyone else. A common trait of narcissists is getting really angry (narcissistic rage) whenever they encounter a disagreement with other persons or get criticized in any way. Although narcissists can be termed as selfish and inconsiderate, psychologically speaking, it does not mean self-love. Even though it may seem they love themselves more than others, it is not genuine and is only love for the idealized grandiose image of themselves.[1]

What Are The Character Traits Of A Narcissist?

Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder have patterns of self-centered, arrogant behavior and lack empathy for others. As a result, other people consider them to be selfish, manipulative, demanding or even patronizing. Their kind of thinking and behavior affects their lives in many negative ways including ruined relationships with those surrounding them. Narcissists are resistant to change despite the fact that their actions are the issue. They will always turn the blame onto others and react aggressively whenever something does not go their way. Enough said, here are some of the common traits of narcissists:

A Grandiose Sense Of Self-Importance. This is a defining character of narcissists which is based on their unrealistic sense of being superior. Narcissists believe they are important people and should be treated as such. Therefore, they often socialize with others who they perceive as special or important. Adding to that, they want recognition of achievement, even when they have done nothing to earn the recognition. They are allergic to anything ordinary or average and only want the best in life such as the best car or house.

Lives In A World Of Fantasy Of Superiority, Power And Success. To support their grandiose sense of self-importance, they live in a fantasy world where they spin unlimited success, brilliance, power, beauty and even love into a huge deal. This is so as to make themselves feel special and in control as well as protect themselves from feelings of inner emptiness and shame. Reality cannot sustain the kind of self-absorbed thinking narcissists portray, so anything that threatens to disrupt their fantasy life is met with great defensiveness which could blow up into a rage.

Sense Of Entitlement. This is the thinking that they deserve to get special privileges and better treatment since they believe they are special. They feel they are entitled to getting whatever they want, regardless of the effect it will have on those around them. They also expect that those around them should comply to their wishes, and any contradiction to that may lead an outrage or cut off on communication and being given a cold shoulder.

Demand Of Constant Attention And Admiration. Narcissists love the feeling of being admired or looked up upon by others. The need for constant attention and admiration may also stem from their sense of entitlement and grandiosity. So, they will often associate themselves with people who will feed their ego so as to fill up their deep sense of importance and superiority.

Lack Of Empathy. People with narcissistic personality disorder are not capable of showing concern for the feelings and needs of others. It is not entirely true that narcissists lack empathy, however, they are so into themselves that they either do not realize they are being inconsiderate or do not care at all. This trait makes it impossible for narcissists to seek help to change their ways because they do not see the essence of someone telling them they have a problem.

Taking Advantage Of Others. Narcissists like exploiting others so that they can get whatever they want. For example, they may start off a relationship with someone for money, status, and even fame. Once they have gotten what they wanted or feel the person is no longer of importance, they have no problem letting that someone go without a sign of remorse, or regret. This is mainly because they are not empathetic towards others and view people as object to use for their own gains.

Other character traits of narcissists include; demeaning or belittling others, as well as being envious, overbearing, and arrogant.[1] [2] [3]


Living with narcissists can be challenging. Regardless, there are ways you can coexist with them harmoniously. You can do so by setting healthy boundaries with them and being able to discern the narcissism in them, especially when it comes to the confidence and self-flattery they exude. On top of that, do not take anything they say or do personally, as it might just be a ploy to protect themselves from their shortcomings.


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