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Can Noonan Syndrome Go Away On Its Own & What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Noonan syndrome refers to a genetic problem, which prevents normal development in different organs of a human body. A patient of this type may experience various problems, such as short stature, unusual characteristics, heart defects and possible delay in puberty.(1)

Can Noonan Syndrome Go Away On Its Own?

List of Noonan syndrome symptoms and whether they go away on their own or not:

Distinctive Facial Features: People suffering from Noonan syndrome often experience distinctive facial features, like for instance deep groove in their areas between the mouth and nose i.e. philtrum, blue-green or pale blue colored and widely spaced eyes, low-set and backward rotated ears. Also, a few of the affected people have a huge arch in their mouth’s roof i.e. palate of the high arch, poor teeth alignment and a small yet low jaw i.e. micrognathia. Most of the children suffering from Noonan syndrome have excess neck skin i.e. webbing and short neck, along with low hairline at the neck’s back.

Short Stature And Sunken/Protruding Chest: About 50 percent of Noonan Syndrome patients suffer from short stature. These kids have normal length and weight during their birth, but the growth rate slows with time. Abnormal growth hormone levels may contribute towards slowness in their growth. Other than this, a few individuals have the sunken or protruding type of chest, while others have abnormal sideways spine curvature i.e. scoliosis.

Heart Defect i.e. Narrow Valve: A majority of people experiencing Noonan syndrome experience heart defect, especially narrowing of the heart valve/valves responsible to control the flow of blood between the heart and the lungs. Doctors refer to this problem as pulmonary valve stenosis. A few of the affected Noonan syndrome people experience hypertrophic cardiomyopathy i.e. thickening of heart muscles to force the heart for working harder in pumping the blood.

Bleeding Disorders: Noonan syndrome involves tons of bleeding-related disorders in humans. A few of the individuals experience excessive nosebleeds, bruising and prolonged bleeding after surgery or injury. Besides, women experience the bleeding disorder at the time of childbirth or menstruation.

Intellectual Disability: A majority of kids diagnosed with Noonan syndrome have proper intelligence, while a small percentage of children experience intellectual disability with or without hearing and vision problems.

Puffy Hands And Puffy Feet: Infants and kids with Noonan Syndrome may have puffy hands and puffy feet by birth. This is due to the accumulation of fluid and is known as lymphedema but it goes away without any treatment. Also, infants may experience feeding issues but they become better by 1 year or 2 years age.

Based on the aforementioned facts about the symptoms of Noonan Syndrome, we should say that only the problem of puffy limbs and feeding problems goes away with time and without proper treatment. For other cases, patients need to undergo proper treatment combined with a few of the natural remedies. However, both treatment procedures and natural remedies may only help you to manage your symptoms and cannot treat your problem completely.(2)

Natural Remedies For Noonan Syndrome

You will expect to manage your symptoms related to Noonan Syndrome in a better way if you follow the specific natural remedies. These include-

Natural Remedies For Cardiac/Heart Defects: If you experience valve disorder or any other heart-related defect, you should intake garlic, flax seeds, foods rich in vitamin K2, Q10 co-enzyme, red yeast rice, and resveratrol.(3)

Natural Remedies For Bleeding Disorders: Noonan syndrome patients suffering from bleeding disorders should go for an immediate consultation with good hematologists. Accordingly, a hematologist recommends them to intake various supplements containing Vitamin K. Reason for this is that individuals with bleeding disorders often deficient of an essential nutrient i.e. Vitamin K, especially if suffer from malnutrition.(4)(5)

Natural Remedies For Short Stature: Individuals suffering from the problem of short stature should choose for growth hormone supplementation. For this, endocrinologists recommend for GABA, arginine, melatonin and beta-alanine supplements combined with a few additional tips. These include intermittent fasting, shedding off body fat, reduction in the sugar intake and involved in high-intensity exercise. Also, doctors recommend for optimization of your sleep.(6)(7)


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