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Changes to Expect in 16th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy shows new experiences every week. While you take time to settle during your first trimester, as you enter second trimester, you may be more comfortable. Let us look at some of the most important changes in 16th week of pregnancy

With the onset of 16th week of pregnancy you are almost half way through the roller-coaster ride. You have fewer instances of nausea, morning sickness and mood swings. You might have thicker and shinier hair and have a ‘glowing’ skin at this point of time. There is a lot of excitement during this phase of pregnancy as by now you get completely at ease with your pregnancy.

Changes to Expect in 16th Week of Pregnancy

Changes to Expect in 16th Week of Pregnancy

You get to experience some wonderful moments for the first time during the 16th week of pregnancy. Here are some of the changes in 16th week of pregnancy, pertaining to your baby.

The fetus in this phase has a more erect neck and its head is rapidly developing. You may start feeling your fetus moving inside you. This is one of the most exciting changes in 16th week of pregnancy. Initially, many women find it difficult to decipher whether the sensations or movements inside their belly is the result of fetal movement, gas bubbles or just normal flutters. Gradually, you may pick up on a pattern that develops and you’ll know when your baby stirs inside you, many a times responding to you.

Other important changes in 16th week of pregnancy, which you may experience include:

Weight Gain- This is the best time to start flaunting your loose and comfortable maternity clothes as by now, you may have gained some weight. It is important to focus on taking a balanced diet, especially foods rich in vitamins and mineral as obesity during pregnancy can lead to complications. Weight gain also depends on the anatomy and weight of the woman before becoming pregnant and also on whether you are going to have twins or not. For any excessive weight changes in pregnancy, medical advice should be sought.

Sleep- With the onset of the 16th week, the sleeping pattern usually alters. One of the crucial changes in 16th week of pregnancy is that you are able to sleep well and peacefully. The sleep requirement also increases and if you get enough sleep, it helps for the fetus to grow well. Also, adequate amount of sleep helps you gain energy during the day and maintain good mood.

It is usually advised to start sleeping sideways and may change their pose to either of their sides while sleeping. Many doctors advise to stop sleeping in a flat position on your back and instead use some extra pillows to support your belly while sleeping on your side. Nowadays, specially designed pillows for pregnant ladies are available.

Pregnancy Glow- The increase in blood flow during pregnancy, particularly in this period, make brings on this glow. Active hormonal changes in 16th week of pregnancy, start making the skin shinier.

Heartburn- Constant searing sensations might make the ‘miracle of pregnancy’ seem like a curse for the mother. This is heartburn, one of the common changes in 16th week of pregnancy. Lower esophageal sphincter or LES is responsible for maintaining the contents of the stomach in order. But during this phase of pregnancy, with the growing womb and hormone relaxin, the sphincter relaxes and hence provides a passage for the gastric juices, including the acid to move in the upward direction into the food pipe also known as the esophagus.

Constipation- This is one of the commonest changes in 16th week of pregnancy. Progesterone hormone is responsible for causing constipation. It slows down the transition of food through the digestive tract and can cause digestion problems. Another likely reason for the constipation is that the fetus’ weight which starts exerting pressure on the rectum which eventually slows down the bowel movement. Balanced diets, exercise, walk and consumption of lots of fluid help in dealing with constipation during pregnancy.

Sometimes, iron pills or vitamin supplements that containing iron can contribute to it. If the constipation remains bothers you long, it is better to consult your gynecologist and consider changing your medication.

Bleeding Nose or Gums- Occasionally, if you find your nose is bleeding slightly, there is no need to panic. No not very common, it is one of the possible changes in 16th week of pregnancy. It is usually a result of increasing blood flow in your body that may cause the blood vessels inside your nose to rupture. At times even the gum starts bleeding slightly because of the same reason. This is not necessarily experienced by all pregnant women, but some do.

To stop nosebleed you may use ice pack on your nose, pinch your nose and keep that way for a few minutes or you may sit and hold your head high for some time. However, if the bleeding does not cease, it is advisable to consult your physician as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

Respiratory Problems – Pregnant women are prone to getting infected with cold and can have a congested chest. It is better to consult your physician and avoid taking any medications without medical advice.

Tips to Deal with Changes in 16th Week of Pregnancy

While the obvious changes in 16th week of pregnancy like fetal movements are usually experienced by most women, some may feel it little later. Following medical advice and regular monitoring is the best thing to do. Various advanced tests to assess the growth of fetus and rule out possible problems are available, which may be considered, if appropriate.

Though instances of late miscarriage are very rare, but one should still be very careful of any uncomfortable changes in 16th week of pregnancy. If you feel that the fetus has stopped moving or you may have severe abdominal ache or vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting or pain on your shoulder area, then immediately seek medical help.


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