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How Do You Get Rid Of Morning Sickness?

Majority of women experience morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy, the inset is usually at 5th week of pregnancy until the 12th week. Few women also experience morning sickness till 16 weeks of pregnancy. It is not necessary that morning sickness will happen only in the morning, but it can happen at any time of the day but usually people experience it in the morning. Many women wonder that morning sickness can harm the baby, but that’s not the case it results in dehydration and weight loss. Proper attention and care and medical supervision can help in preventing nausea and vomiting. In certain cases extreme emesis in pregnancy requires hospitalization.

How Do You Get Rid Of Morning Sickness?

How Do You Get Rid Of Morning Sickness?

Many women wonder if you could skip morning sickness in pregnancy. There are both home remedies and over the counter medications which can be used to overcome morning sickness. Here we discuss the things to get rid of morning sickness

Morning sickness if it is extreme and you are unable to perform day to day activities then talk to your doctor to prescribe medicines for nausea and vomiting. The most commonly prescribed medicine for morning sickness is Zofran. It is composed of ondansetron. Some over the counter medicines like Emetrol can also be taken to avoid nausea.

It is not necessary that hormones are responsible for nausea and vomiting acidity can also result in nausea and vomiting, so pregnant women can also take anti acidity medicine such as Zantac.

Few vitamins can also be helpful in relieving nausea and vomiting. Vitamin B6 which can also be part of your prenatal medication can help in relieving nausea. But taking only vitamin B6 can also help in relieving you from morning sickness. Vitamins should not be taken on an empty stomach or you can start taking vitamins only after having food as vitamins can have an irritant effect on the digestive tract if taken on an empty stomach. Discuss with your doctor before taking any of your medications

Inadequate sleep causes morning sickness; try to prepare your mind while getting up from the bed to ensure that you don’t have any lightheadedness, it is very common in pregnancy

Acupressure bands also helpful in relieving morning sickness

Try to identify the trigger factors causing nausea and vomiting if you feel the smell of certain things like coffee, food or anything which is making you nauseating try to walk away from the room and avoid such places. The dark and closed room may also be a trigger factor for nausea, proper ventilation in your at your place can help in avoiding nausea and vomiting.

Some home remedies for nausea and vomiting lemon are inexpensive and can be found in each and every house you can take a small bite of lemon or fresh lemon juice to avoid morning sickness. It can also be used along with baking soda to get a cheap cleaning solution. One can also find lemon candies, lemon scented candles or lemon essential oil which are alternatives to lemon to relieve from morning sickness. Lemon water is the best remedy which keeps you hydrated, provides Vitamin C and also prevents nausea; it gives a fresh start to your day.

  • Eat food every 2 hours to avoid acidity and prevent morning sickness.
  • Avoid eating fatty food, overly seasoned or acidic foods as it adds to morning sickness.
  • Morning people prefer to take tea, ginger has been traditionally used for nausea and vomiting and it can also be used in pregnancy


Morning Sickness is common in pregnant women. Medicines and home remedies can be helpful in preventing and alleviating morning sickness. Home remedies such as lemon juice, ginger tea, and simple diet and acupressure bands can be used. Avoid eating acidic food and staying hungry for long hours as it causes acidity resulting in nausea. Identify the trigger factors for nausea and try to escape from it. Stay in well-ventilated places to avoid smell related nausea. Zofran (Ondansetron) is widely prescribed for treating morning sickness.


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