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How To Cope With Molar Pregnancy?

You may start feeling a great many things when you are diagnosed with a molar pregnancy. You may feel upset and shocked. You may feel frightened and uncertain. You may even feel angry and resentful. You may feel guilty, confused and numb. You may feel anxious and stressed. You may feel some or at times, all these things. Or, you may even feel something completely different from any of these. It is a different feeling for everyone. Sometimes, it becomes quite hard to accept the fact that you have been diagnosed with molar pregnancy. These are natural feelings and they can come and go.

How To Cope With Molar Pregnancy?

How To Cope With Molar Pregnancy?

  • If you were pregnant, your hormones may be changing which is bound to cause many mood swings
  • If you thought you were pregnant and there was a loss of pregnancy due to molar pregnancy, you will be trying to cope with your loss and understand the diagnosis. It may take time to get adjusted and it will be different for everyone. Give it the time that is needed.
  • You may be better able to cope up, if you understand your molar pregnancy diagnosis and make decisions accordingly. Knowing your condition can also help you in knowing what to expect from it. You can chart out a list of questions that are to be asked to your doctor. You can take someone who is close to you, so that you feel an emotional support.
  • Talking to other people can help you in putting your mind at rest. Sometimes, molar pregnancy support groups can help. These are groups with persons suffering from a similar condition as members. Talking to someone with similar problems as yours might help you ease your thoughts.
  • Treatment may cause side effects. These are different for different people. If you worry that you are affected by more serious ones, talk to your doctor about the same. Managing relationships is another challenge to consider. If you want to get pregnant again after a molar pregnancy, you may want to talk to your doctor regarding the right time to do it, so that it does not cause you any more physical and emotional trauma. Discussing with your partner about the same can make you feel relaxed.
  • Along with physical and emotional coping, practical coping must be thought of. There may be some things like money matters, financial support, work problems, child care, etc. which you may need to discuss with your family, to cope practically.
  • Getting help early on all these fronts can ensure that you do not face any setbacks later.

Your doctor may also advise you to make certain lifestyle changes for better coping with molar pregnancy. These changes will help you heal better, faster and improve the prognosis of your condition. Your doctor may advise you to-

  • Eat a wholesome and nutritious diet
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Include lean meat, nuts and fish in your diet
  • Increase your water intake. If you suffer from kidney ailment or any other such problem, it is best to alter your fluid and water intake with proper advice of your doctor
  • Avoid eating salty and sugary foods
  • Avoid eating refined grains and foods and substitute them with whole grains and foods
  • Avoid greasy, spicy and hot food
  • Avoid tobacco in any form
  • Quit smoking and substance-abuse
  • Avoid alcohol, and if not possible, limit its usage to the minimum

Avoid stress and anxiety. It is not entirely possible to do so. However, you can find ways to relieve your stress. These may include yoga, meditation and relaxing massages.
Molar pregnancy occurs as a chance complication of pregnancy. It cannot be continued as a normal pregnancy and must be removed with immediate effect.

A molar pregnancy is a complication of pregnancy that occurs very rarely. It is also known as hydatidiform mole. It occurs when the cells that are going to become a placenta- trophoblasts-grow abnormally and form cysts.


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