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Lifestyle Changes For Molar Pregnancy

A molar pregnancy is a chance complication of pregnancy that occurs very rarely. It cannot be continued as a normal pregnancy and needs to be removed. Some lifestyle changes after the removal of hydatidiform mole will improve your prognosis.

Lifestyle Changes For Molar Pregnancy

Lifestyle Changes For Molar Pregnancy

Molar pregnancy can be upsetting and a shock to many of you. You may feel a magnitude of different feelings and each one of you may feel different, from stress to angry to guilty. While these feelings are perfectly normal and they are bound to come and go at some point of your life, it is essential to cope with them, with as much physical, emotional and financial support as possible. In order to help you with coping up and improve the prognosis of the disease, it is vital that you make some important lifestyle changes. These may be including, but not limited to the following-

Eat a balanced and a nutritious diet

  • A balanced and a wholesome diet can provide you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs while recovering from a molar pregnancy

Include lots of greens and fresh vegetables

  • Eating green, leafy vegetables which are rich in folate are a good lifestyle change for molar pregnancy
  • They are also rich in multitude of other vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin a, magnesium and iron
  • They are generally crucial in maintaining a general body health
  • They are also rich in anti-oxidants which can prevent your body from free radical damage and help in cell rejuvenation

Include healthy fats

  • It is essential to include healthy fats like nuts, seeds, olive oil etc. in your diet
  • This fat is required by the body for its proper functioning

Include protein

  • Include healthy protein like lean meat, fish and nuts

Stay hydrated-

  • Up your water intake significantly
  • Getting dehydrated can cause several health problems, including delayed healing


  • Say no to tobacco in any form
  • Quit smoking and stop any substance abuse
  • Stop drinking alcohol altogether, or limit the consumption to minimum
  • Reduce the intake of processed and refined foods. Eat wholegrain foods as much as possible after molar pregnancy
  • Say no to packaged foods. The preservatives in them can cause more harm than is known.
  • Avoid stress and anxiety. While it is not possible to do so altogether, you can find ways to manage your stress
  • You can try yoga, meditation and massage sessions as resources to reducing stress. This is a good lifestyle change for molar pregnancy
  • You van try pursuing a hobby or an activity of your choice, to keep you diverted and relaxed
  • As a condition specific lifestyle change, try not to get pregnant within at least 6 months to one year of your molar pregnancy
  • Use contraceptive measures for the same, with a proper consultation with your doctor
  • This is to ensure that your HCG levels return to normal and the baby does not suffer from any problems
  • Continue the follow up with your doctor as suggested by him, so that any malfunctioning can be detected earlier, and complications prevented

Coping up with a molar pregnancy may feel daunting and overwhelming to some. You may feel a multitude of feelings, and they will all vary from time to time. Two different persons may feel different feelings even if suffering from the same condition. It is best to get all the physical, emotional and financial support that you can.

Talking to people about your fears and questions will put your mind at some ease and may give you some much needed answers. It is best to discuss any doubts related to your physical condition with your doctor, so that any complications can be detected early and your fears put to rest. Talking about the financial matters will give you a sense of control over things.

A molar pregnancy or a hydatidiform mole is a chance complication of pregnancy. It occurs when the trophoblasts development goes awry. Trophoblasts are the cells that would normally grow and become placenta in a normal pregnancy.


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