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Risks of Home Remedies for Abortion

Most often women consider home remedies for unplanned pregnancies as they are believed and claimed to be safe and effective. Some suggest eating an excess of a certain fruit or herbal supplement may induce abortion while a few recommend intense exercise or inserting supplements into the cervix may help in inducing abortion.

There are risks associated with home abortions that can lead to toxicity and be life-threatening. Whereas there are also a few alternative options to end a pregnancy safely.

Risks of Home Remedies for Abortion

Risks of Home Remedies for Abortion

A few remedies like drinking certain teas may seem safe to induce abortion. However, excessive herb consumption can lead to toxicity and prove to be fatal.

According to the World Health Organization, 47000 women die every year due to unsafe abortion and many develop disabilities.(1) This can be prevented by going ahead with safe abortion techniques, sex education, and family planning.

Risks associated with home remedies include:

Incomplete Abortion

An incomplete abortion occurs when the one attempted is not fully successful. The pregnancy ends but the fetal tissue remains. In such cases, it is important to seek medical help to avoid significant blood loss, infection, and death.

A female may not be aware of incomplete abortion unless there are some severe symptoms such as excessive bleeding.


If the herbal supplements are purchased from an unreputable store the consequences may be serious. Even herbal remedies can be toxic when consumed in large amounts. It can lead to liver damage as the liver comes under pressure when something toxic is consumed in large amounts, as it filters toxins from the body.

Many websites sell abortion pills that are not at all effective and can cause harm to the body.


When there is a major blood loss it is known as hemorrhage. Surgical abortion under safe hands also carries the risk of bleeding but if it’s done by an unqualified person the risk increases.

Also, internal bleeding is life-threatening as may go unnoticed, until it’s too late to stop.

Infection and Scarring

There is a risk of scarring with surgical abortion, but the risk increases when the abortion is done surgically at home.

Inserting anything from the cervix to the uterus is dangerous and can lead to infection which can be life-threatening and scarring. It can also cause infertility.

At-Home Medical Solutions for Abortion

There are various safe alternatives that can be used as safe at-home solutions for abortion.

Medications are prescribed by a doctor to be taken at home are a good option and it is known as medical abortion. It is the most common type of abortion in the United States.(2) There are two types of medication recommended. One causes hormonal changes and ends pregnancy while the other cause uterine contractions and expel the uterine lining. Medical abortion is known to have a success rate of 99 percent in early pregnancy.(2) It also does not increase future pregnancy complications. It is a good option for termination of pregnancy of 10-12 weeks.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is also known as dilatation and curettage and is done using suction and a sharp tool called a curette. It is an option for 24 weeks of pregnancy when other options cannot be considered. It is performed only if the pregnancy poses a risk to the female or there is a problem with the baby’s development.

In very rare cases dilation and curettage may cause scarring of the uterine wall. This is known as Asherman’s syndrome. It is a condition in which getting pregnant again gets difficult.

When to Get Help?

People who have attempted home abortion should seek medical help, especially in the following conditions:

The doctor should be informed about all the symptoms so that correct and prompt treatment is given.

Recovery from Abortion

Recovery from abortion may take a couple of weeks, whether it is medical or surgical. Sometimes bleeding may last for more than 2 weeks and on rare occasions for 45 days. If there is bright red bleeding that continues for more than 2 weeks, a doctor must be consulted.

The medications used for abortion may cause nausea and other short-term effects. Also, the sedatives used during a surgical abortion may have minor side effects and nausea.

The doctor advises abstaining from sex to reduce the chances of infection. Also, the use of tampons is restricted, only sanitary pads should be used.

During the recovery period, the females can take painkillers to reduce pain during cramps.

In case of heavy bleeding, smelly discharge, fever, or signs of infection a doctor should be consulted.

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