What To Eat And Avoid When You Have Molar Pregnancy?

A complication that can occur in a normal pregnancy, when the trophoblasts – the cells that would normally grow to become a placenta – develop abnormally, is known as a molar pregnancy or a hydatidiform mole. It cannot be continued as a normal pregnancy and needs to be removed with immediate effect.

What To Eat And Avoid When You Have Molar Pregnancy?

What To Eat When You Have Molar Pregnancy?

As molar pregnancy has a largely genetic predisposition to it, there is really nothing that can be done as a preventive for molar pregnancy. Also, there is no specific diet that will keep you safe from getting affected by it, or that will treat your condition. In general, it is wise to follow a healthy diet that will boost your uterine health and keep you away from any health problem of the reproductive system. Including and avoiding the foods given below can help you maintain the optimum health of your reproductive system and can also help you conceive a healthy pregnancy.

Nuts and dry fruits

  • Nuts and dried fruits are a complete package of healthy nutrients
  • They are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins
  • Some nuts contain selenium, which is a mineral that can prevent chromosomal damage in eggs
  • Selenium also acts as an anti-oxidant that can tackle free radicals and help in better egg production and prevent molar pregnancy.

Sesame seeds

  • Sesame seeds are very high in zinc and assist in production of those hormones that are essential for the health of ovum
  • Sesame seeds are also rich in monosaturated fats, the good fats needed by our body
  • A good way to include sesame seeds to your diet is by eating a little hummus, which contains tahini- a paste made with sesame seeds


  • Iron deficiency can lead to lack of ovulation in our body
  • Lentils and beans can provide the needed iron, and also other vitamins and minerals which will help in fertility and prevent molar pregnancy
  • Including at least one portion of bean and lentils in everyday diet can ensure that you get the needed amounts of these nutrients

Green vegetables

  • green, leafy vegetables are very rich in folate, which is essential for fertility
  • they are also rich in iron, manganese, calcium and vitamin A
  • including at least two portions of leafy greens will ensure that you get the needed amounts of these vital nutrients


  • Cinnamon is considered a super spice and is known to encourage proper egg production and improve the functioning of ovaries and prevent molar pregnancy
  • It helps in insulin resistance
  • It is known to show a significant improvement in those suffering from PCOD- polycystic ovarian disease


  • Being properly hydrated is of prime importance for a better functioning of all systems of your body, including the reproductive system
  • It is essential that you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day, to meet the requirements
  • Those suffering from any problems lie kidney ailments etc. Must seek the advice of their doctor before increasing or decreasing the fluid intake

What Foods To Avoid When You Have Molar Pregnancy?

  • It is best to avoid processed and packaged foods, as they are very high on preservatives
  • It is also advisable to avoid foods with MSGs
  • Cut down on foods that are high on sugars, salts and oils
  • Foods that are fried, oily and hot should be avoided
  • Keep away from refined foods and grains and stick to whole grains
  • Quit tobacco in any form
  • Quit smoking and substance abuse
  • Limit the use of alcohol, though it is better to avoid altogether


A molar pregnancy is termed as a hydatidiform mole as well. It is an infrequent complication of a normal pregnancy and needs to be removed, as it can cause many serious complications, including a very rare type of cancer. Following a generally healthy diet can help you in a speedy recovery post-removal of the mole and may also help you conceive a healthy pregnancy in future.

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