Psychiatric Disorders

Addiction & Rehab

12 Ways in Which Smoking Affects Your Skin
People generally do not take into account the invisible effects of smoking on the skin but what if you get to know that smoking affects the way you look. It damages your looks and makes you look older than your age.
What are Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol, Opiates, Marijuana, Nicotine, Cocaine
There are several factors that make withdrawal symptoms a hazy subject to gauge. While certain drugs like opiates, tranquilizers and alcohol cause physical withdrawal symptoms, others like ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana cause emotional withdrawal symptoms.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Music Therapy for Autistic Children: Importance, Objective, Benefits
Music therapy often helps autistic children with respect to nonverbal as well as a non-threatening medium of therapy. The objective of the music therapy is to improve the autistic child’s communication, cognitive, sensory functions.
What is Asperger Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Alternative Therapies, Prognosis
Asperger syndrome is a developmental disability. It is a mild form of autism. Individuals suffering from Asperger syndrome exhibit significant difficulty with social interaction and non-verbal communication.

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Eating Disorders

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders
Before the eating disorder takes a drastic and fatal turn, one must seek medical help as soon as the warning signs of any eating disorders are noted.
How to Identify and Overcome Emotional Eating?
This article explains what is emotional eating, how to identify if you are an emotional eater and ways to overcome emotional eating by identifying the triggers, becoming aware when craving hits etc.

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Mental Health

An Excellent Mental Health Leads To An Excellent Mind
Article provides an overview on problems of mental health and the solution and steps to excellent mind. Know the tasks that most people with Depression & Other Mental Diseases need to do on a daily basis in order to overcome their mental illness.
What is Mental and Emotional Health? How to Enhance them, Risk Factors
Mental and emotional health refers to the overall psychological health of a person. It involves the way a person feels about himself or herself and the quality of relationship that he or she maintains with others.

Sleep Disorder

What Causes Snoring & Ways to Stop it?
Snoring results when, during sleep, the air is unable to move freely through your nose and mouth. Know what causes snoring and ways to stop snoring with the help of treatment, home remedies, exercises and hearing aids.
Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment To Cure Poor Sleep
Insomnia are of 2 types, primary and secondary. Know the causes of acute or chronic insomnia, its symptoms, treatment and best sleep habits to get rid of poor sleep.

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