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What is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens?

It is better to have a deeper understanding of the causes of acne in order to get the best acne treatment for teens. The teenage days are the most reluctant time in a person’s life. This is a period of physiological changes in the human body, including pubescence, development spurts and, tragically occurring of acne. It is a commonly a gigantic weight for teenager suffering from skin break out. Approximately 85% of young people go through teenage acne problem.

Teen year’s triggers the production of androgens, male hormones including testosterone and DHT, found in boys and girls both. This hormone lets the organs to expand and create more oil that blends with bacteria and dead skin cells; it obstructs the pores and prompts to acne. Whiteheads, blackheads and the swollen, red, pus-filled sores we call a pimple is a common malady in teenagers. Today’s generation teens need not worry about acne as there are a lot of efficient methods for acne treatment. Acne can show up on the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest. Acne vulgaris comprises of non-inflammatory or little inflammatory lesions. These sores can be painful and disfiguring. Perpetual scarring can happen with cysts. Girls may suffer teenage acne during menstruation. Whereas Boys have more serious teenage acne break out since they produce more androgens than girls.

When teen acne becomes serious, it can make a teenager feel awful, leaving deep-rooted physical as well as emotional scars. Unless it is dealt comprehensively, extreme acne break out will not vanish on entering to adulthood.

What is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens?

What is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens?

  • Genetics and hormones are two contributing reasons for teenage acne, which are out of our control. But there are certain treatments teenagers can adapt to control and limit acne. You do not need to endure like your parents did. Fortunately, there are some great skin acne treatments accessible for today’s generation.
  • To make the whole process easier we have curated our top picks to get clear skin. Teenage acne treatment falls into one or a combination of these categories.
    Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best acne treatments for teens. Benzoyl peroxide focuses on the underlying causes of skin break out – oil generation, bacteria, and dead skin cell development, to clear blemishes and help avoid new acne.
  • Systemic antibiotics are another best way to treat acne in teens. Oral systemic anti-toxins circulate all through the body and into the sebaceous glands. Most basic are erythromycin, minocycline and tetracycline medication. They are normally consumed on mixing with different medications that help to unclog follicles. They may take weeks or months to show improvements.
  • The best acne treatment for teens is retinoids. (Vitamin A Derivatives) retinoids standardize the skin growth and shed and unclog pores. Also, makes it difficult for P. acnes to occur. They help to increment cell expansion and turnover, regenerating healthy cells to the surface.
  • Deep cleansing is a best acne treatment for teens. A tender, body cleanser is ideal for the body acne. Smooth cleanser exfoliates dead skin cells, while 2% salicylic acid in it unclogs pores and decrease oiliness to clear skin inflammation and helps forestall future skin breakouts.
  • Eating right is the ultimate way to treat acne. Food sensitivities may also cause skin inflammation. The key is to discover the food that may cause teenage acne. Mellow skin breaks out can be cleared just by avoiding any sustenance or drink you have found to trigger a skin breakout. Sometimes even serious skin breakout is also avoided. Fresh foods and vegetables rich in vitamin A carotene, yellow-orange and dark green leafy vegetables, apricots, sweet potatoes, yams mangoes, and carrots. Cod liver oil is imperative and furthermore contains vitamin A. Additionally, drinking a lot of purified water is helpful (up to 4 quarts of water a day) transport supplements and to flush out toxins.

Natural Acne Treatment for Teens

  • Applying apple cider vinegar and water mixture to the influenced body part help in balancing the skin’s pH level, and cuts reproduction of teen acne causing microscopic organisms.
  • Application of a thin layer of honey to the face and leaving for a couple of minutes acts as a natural mask to expel grime and dirt from the pores.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic for treating teen acne.


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