What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Like?

What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Like?

Most of the times, people ask a common question whether mosquitoes prefer a specific type of blood or do mosquitoes bite a particular type of individuals. The answer to this question is yes, mosquitoes prefer specific blood groups to enjoy. Accordingly-

What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Like?

Universal Donors Are Tastier To Mosquitoes

People with Type O (whether O positive or O negative) are much more than only universal donors. This is because; they are tastier for mosquitoes. According to the research study, mosquitoes and other similar species of insect land on skin of Type O blood people about 2 times more as compared to the one with Type A or Type B blood group.

Why Type O Blood Attracts Mosquitoes The Most

Based on aforementioned facts, the question that comes in our mind is that why type o type of blood attracts mosquitoes the most. For this, experts have said that people secret certain types of chemicals from their skin and these chemicals, which they produce depend on DNA i.e. the type of blood. Especially, people with Type O blood secret lactic acid and other similar types of chemicals in relatively higher amount to entice a large number of mosquitoes. Because of this, people with Type O are more prone to suffer mosquitoes’ bites even when they apply suitable mosquito repellents or connect mosquito repellent coil liquids/coils in their rooms.

Other Factors Attracting Mosquitoes

In most of the cases, mosquitoes attract to universal blood donors. However, excluding this, you will find other factors, for which mosquitoes choose to bite specific group of people.

Metabolism Of An Individual. Metabolic rate of an individual attracts mosquitoes. This is because; these species of insects use carbon dioxide as an effective way to locate the source of their meals. Hence, if you have high metabolic rate, your body will produce carbon dioxide in higher amounts and thereby, make you highly attractive towards the mosquitoes.

Selection Of Clothes. Clothes you wear influence whether you are prone to mosquitoes’ bites. Mosquitoes are visual and easily attract towards dark colors. Hence, if you fail to follow the summer trend i.e. to wear light-colored clothes, you give enough scope for mosquito bites.

Summer Season

We tend to have relatively more bare skin during the summer months. Because of this, mosquitoes get enough skin surface area to land on them, bite and feed the blood. Hence, to reduce your odds related to mosquito bite, you should wear suitable summer clothes, which not only lead to extreme hot but also cover you properly to reduce the chance of attacking by mosquitoes.


To conclude, we should say that mosquitoes easily attract towards individuals with specific type/blood group i.e. people with Type O blood (both O Positive and O Negative), also known as universal donors. However, attacking of mosquitoes may depend on other factors, which include summer season, selection of clothes and metabolism as well as secretion of lactic acid by people.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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