What Scent Will Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Mosquitoes have a keen sense towards smell, because of which they find different types of scents as unappealing. Hence, you may use such scents or aromas to keep mosquitoes away from you and that too without the application of any harmful chemical and related harsh deterrents.

What Scent Will Keep Mosquitoes Away?

What Scent Will Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Scent Made By Citronella Plant. Citronella oil originates from the plant of lemongrass and it is useful commonly in candles and commercial level of bug sprays. This features citrusy scent similar to lemon and hence, causes irritation to mosquitoes. You may plant lemongrass outside of your property to achieve benefits of the effective repellent. Even you may apply citronella scent directly on the skin or combine with various other essential oils to prepare a further strong natural deterrent.

Scent Made By Basil Plant. Each of the essential oils present in basil plant emits a strong aroma, which irritates to mosquitoes. Thus, you should avail full advantage of the plant’s repellent property possessed by basil plant by simply growing it in the yard and creating varieties of homemade scents or sprays by using its essential oils.

Peppermint Plant Scent. Minty fragrances are unpleasant for keen senses of mosquitoes. Even a mere presence of a peppermint plant or its scent wards off the mentioned flying insects to some extent. Even you may use peppermint as a natural scent or personal mosquito repellent by simply crushing its leaves and rubbing them on the skin.

Lemon Balm. Lemon balm belongs to the family of mints and it comes with a strong yet a calming lemon scent which mosquitoes and various other similar types of undesirable insects find unpleasant. To get relieve from mosquitoes’ attack/bite, you may choose to grow the lemon balm plant in specific areas of your property to deter mosquitoes. Alternatively, you may apply the leaves of lemon balm on your skin by crushing them to use them as personal repellents.

Garlic. For a long time, garlic, one of the members of onion family has played the role of an edible mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites. When you consume the active ingredient present in garlic i.e. allicin, it interferes with the natural scent and safeguards us from the attack of mosquitoes. However, you may even use garlic to deter mosquitoes even without having it. For this, you should cut the cloves of garlic into slivers and scatter the respective slivers across your outdoor living area. If you fail to prepare slivers, you should simply combine the garlic cloves with essential oils and liquid ingredients to prepare an effective repellent spray for your home’s yard. Other than this, you should blend garlic in combination with essential oils for creating suitable mosquito repellent sprays to apply in your body.

Scent From Lavender Plant. Mosquitoes strictly detest the aroma or pungent scent of lavender flowers and stay away from them at almost every cost. Similar to the case of most of the aforementioned plants, you may use lavender by extracting its oils and apply them directly on your skin or by making a suitable body spray. Even you should plant it in the garden to protect yourself from mosquitoes and make your entire landscape lively.

Scent From Rosemary Herb. Rosemary is one of the multipurpose herbs and is useful in various things, including its ability to tackle the infestations of various small mosquitoes. Thus, whenever you opt for barbecuing outside of your property, you should never forget placing suitable rosemary sprigs over the grill to avoid the entry of mosquitoes, as the scent wafts in your entire yard. Even you may infuse rosemary to make sprays and lotions to use as simple mosquito repellents to apply in your body.


Thus, with the application of suitable scents, you will expect to get rid of mosquito bites largely or to keep them away from your working areas largely.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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