5 Benefits of Protein Powder & Its 3 Side Effects

Protein powder is a favored supplement among people, especially those who want to achieve that dream beach body despite hitting the gym. In fact, the protein powder is meant to help physique-conscious people lose fat and build muscle weight as opposed to just body weight. Protein powders contain a good amount of nutrients that help develop the body without the fear of gaining weight. This is because some people might overdo it with protein-based foods like egg whites, sprouts, white meat and nuts.

Benefits of Protein Powder & Its 3 Side Effects

However, just like any other form of supplement, even protein powders have their fair share of benefits and disadvantages that one needs to read about before making protein powders a part of their diet. In fact, it is recommended that you consult with your physician or doctor before you start taking protein powders, as it may be harmful or may react differently if it does not agree with your body.

While there are many protein powder manufacturers and brands in the market, Whey protein is one of the commonly used form of protein powder consumed by people who are looking at cutting down the fat percentage in their body. People on ketosis mode or following the low carb diet indulge in consuming more of protein powder, as that is the most unadulterated way of giving your body a protein boost.

How Is Protein Powder Beneficial To One’s Body?

Foods like eggs, chicken, beef, fish and sprouts are high in protein, however, it is not completely reliable to live on them and get shredded or ripped, as dashboard abs need their share of clean eating habits. So while the protein based food stuff do their work, the oil or the options consumed along with them, like whole wheat bread or curries do have ingredients that may make it difficult to reduce the fat percentage in the body. Here is where protein powders come into play. Protein powders benefit you by giving your body its daily fix of protein without the added calories or even carbs and fat which come along with protein foods.

Here are few benefits listed below that can give you a clearer picture on the way protein powders work on your body:

Protein Powders Benefit the Body by Helping in Lose Fat

Protein powders tend to accelerate your metabolism level and help you build muscle weight and lose the fat percentage. Protein powders aid in weight loss and keep you full if you skip dinner. A lot of gym buffs prefer drinking a glass of protein shake prior to their workout or after it as it keeps them full and energetic. Chicken or fish on the other hand may tend to add few extra kilos while bioactive components like leucine; and milk, calcium makes protein powder a good source of energy.

Protein Powders Benefit by Reducing Cholesterol

A number of studies have suggested that dietary protein-based foods like eggs contain a high level of cholesterol when consumed and on a longer run can be a risk to your heart. However, with dieticians compensating saturated fats with trans fats, supplements like protein powders have proven their worth in lowering heart risk by reducing cholesterol in the body. Besides, composing the body-supplement ratio, protein shakes increase metabolism while also keeping you full. A protein shake is recommended when you feel the urge to binge on less than healthy food.

The Benefit of Protein Powders in Kids & Adults with Asthma

Asthma patients are recommended to avoid certain foods that may cause breathlessness, leading to an asthma attack. However, protein powders normally keep you away from these asthma attacks as they help build a strong immunity system. Being a chronic disorder, even special diets can fall flat if not followed properly. However, protein shakes help the body build immunity. In fact, kids are advised to undergo a course of protein powder in their diets for a month to avoid the symptoms of asthma.

The Benefit of Protein Powders for Prostate Cancer Patients

Protein powders contain creatine and ingredients that keep the body stay strong internally, while also fighting cancer cells inside your body. In the case of prostate cancer, which forms small glands and tumors near the bladder, a small amount of protein powder consumed daily helps the body and prostate cells to fight the tumor. Protein powder helps reduce the tumor size and hence helps people suffering from prostate cancer.

Relieve your Stress with Whey Protein Powder Supplements

Stress makes one lethargic, tired and extremely lazy. However, protein powders work to energize the body as it contains creatine and milk properties. Protein powder also boosts the immunity system, thereby relieving stress. This is a long-term benefit of protein powders.

While these are some effective benefits of protein powders, there are also a few side effects of consuming protein powder.

The Side Effects of Protein Powders

Digestion Issues as a Side Effect of Protein Powder

Too much of anything is harmful. As protein powders contain an equal amount of creatine and milk properties that lactose-intolerant people might find discomforting and they might suffer from indigestion. Sometimes, protein powder may not dissolve when added to fluid. It could form large lumps, which might affect stool passage. Protein powders may also cause frequent stomach aches, constipation or water reduction leading to dehydration. These are some common side effects of protein powders.

Protein Powders Might Lead to Weight Gain

It may sound contradictory, but protein powders may add weight to your body considering it contains a good amount of sugar.You are advised to always check the ingredients and probably consult with your dietician on the brand to opt for where protein powders are concerned. So opt for those protein powders, which have very less or zero sugar content in them.

Kidney Stones; A Side Effect of Protein Powder

As mentioned earlier, too much of anything is bad for the body and excessive intake of protein powders can cause kidney stones as excess protein in the body makes it difficult to expel. Hence, the body needs its due amount of fiber in addition to the protein it gets from these powders. Also, it is advisable to consume protein powder in moderation or as per the advice of your dietitian.


Protein powders, as mentioned above, have a lot of benefits. However, like with every good thing they also come with certain amount of side effects. So, it is advised to use protein powders with caution and under the right guidance to avail the full benefits of protein powders without their side effects.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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