Can Mastitis Be Cured Without Antibiotics?

Mastitis is a breast infection which results in some unbearable symptoms such as pain, fever, lumps, and tenderness in the breast, as well as redness around the affected region. For most cases of mastitis, the patient needs to take antibiotics to resolve the illness. However, if the infection is not serious, say non-infectious mastitis, it can easily be resolved without antibiotics. The key is to detect the ailment early enough and apply any effective home remedies to get rid of mastitis. In addition to that, it is important to rest, hydrate and if you are nursing, ensure that you feed the baby frequently than normal. Mastitis can clear on its own, but if it does not seem to be going away you should make a visit to the nearest physician for treatment.

Can Mastitis Be Cured Without Antibiotics?

Can Mastitis Be Cured Without Antibiotics?

How can you beat mastitis without antibiotics? There are many women out there who have been able to cure mastitis without having to take any antibiotics. If you suspect that you have this breast infection, the first thing to do is make a visit to or call your doctor. Most nursing mothers are reluctant to take antibiotics because they believe the medication will be passed to the baby via breast milk. If that is your worry, there is good news, and that is, you can beat mastitis without having to take antibiotics. However, if necessary, you should take medications to help clear the infection. Your doctor can recommend an appropriate medication which will not interfere with breastfeeding and most importantly, your baby.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is do not stop breastfeeding. As a matter of fact, it is advisable that you continue nursing, and frequently, so as to drain the breast well. Mastitis develops from a clogged milk duct, whereby milk does not properly drain off, and thus it could flow back in the duct resulting in an obstruction. To ensure that the baby drains off most of the milk from the breast, position him/her in a way that the chin is pointed towards the affected area. To help with resolving mastitis, you should also try massaging the breast, especially where there is tenderness and bump(s) in the breasts.

For efficiency, try using hot compressors in-between massages and before breastfeeding. Alternatively, you can take hot showers and let the water hit the affected area. Massaging the breasts, especially on the spot where the lump is located will hurt, but it is necessary if you do not want the mastitis to worsen. After breastfeeding, you could also apply a cold compression e.g. a cold green cabbage leaf, to soothe the tender spot. It is best to use cold compressions after breastfeeding so as to avoid any problems with milk let-down.

Resting and drinking lots of water are also effective in fighting against mastitis. According to lactation consultants, mastitis can develop if you have been pushing yourself too hard and not letting your body rest. So, take a minute, and rest. While you are at it, do not forget to nurse, so as to help unclog the blocked milk ducts and help resolve mastitis altogether. Water helps clean your body, so it will not only help with keeping you hydrated and boosting your milk supply but also help with clearing the infection.

Other additional ways to beat mastitis that are helpful include; eating garlic, taking vitamin C, and probiotics. Garlic is a miracle worker with infections and needless say, it is organic, healthy and will not harm your baby. In addition to that, it will help boost your immunity system. Probiotics also help boost your immunity system, thus giving it the ability to fight against mastitis.


Mastitis is not something you had like to experience twice in your life. It is very painful and in addition to that, it makes your temperature shoot up and make you feel like you have flu, among other unpleasant symptoms. Well, to help ease the symptoms of mastitis, you do not have to take antibiotics. There are various helpful practices that will help you cure mastitis, but you have to be dedicated to ensuring you get rid of the infection. If nothing seems to work, you should ask your physician to recommend antibiotics to help with the mastitis, and that are safe for the baby.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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