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Hairy Nipples: Causes & Treatment

If any female notices hairs on her nipples then it should not be a cause to worry as it is quite a common condition seen in females. The amount of hair that grows on the nipples varies from one female to another. However, in some instances the hair tends to become long, coarse, and dark which may look unsightly and be a cause of distress. In most cases Hairy Nipples is not a cause for concern; however, in rare cases it may be an indication of an underlying medical condition which requires consultation with a physician.[1]

Anatomically speaking, almost every part of the body has hair follicles. There are certain areas in the body like the scalp there is extra growth of hair compared to other areas of the body and thus it is not natural for hairs to grow in areas like the nipples. This article gives an overview of some of the causes and the treatment options for Hairy Nipples.[1]

What Causes Hairy Nipples?

What Causes Hairy Nipples?

Some of the potential causes of Hairy Nipples include:

Hormonal Changes: This is one of the leading causes for Hairy Nipples in females. Aside from Hairy Nipples there are other symptoms that can also be observed as a result of hormonal changes. These changes usually occur at the time of pregnancy or after menopause. In some cases, females may also have some hormonal changes during their reproductive years as well causing Hairy Nipples.[1]

Production of Male Hormones: Some females tend to produce excess of testosterone which is a male hormone. This is also one of the causes of Hairy Nipples in females. Other symptoms that can be seen due to excess production of testosterone include oily skin, sudden stoppage of menstrual periods. There is also a significant increase in the muscle mass. Some females also suffer from male pattern baldness as a result of overproduction of testosterone in the body.[1]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: This is yet another cause of Hairy Nipples. This is a medical condition which affects the functioning of the ovaries. The primary symptoms of PCOS aside from Hairy Nipples include problems with conception, menstrual period irregularity, and ovarian cysts. Studies estimate that every 1 in 5 females in the United States have PCOS.[1]

Medications: There are also certain medications that may cause Hairy Nipples as a side effect profile. Immunotherapy medicines are the most common medications along with medications that contain testosterone which result in a female having Hairy Nipples.[1]

Cushing Syndrome: This is another cause for a female to have Hairy Nipples. Cushing Syndrome is also caused due to hormonal imbalance. It occurs as a result of excess cortisol in the body. Aside from Hairy Nipples, this condition also causes several other symptoms like menstrual period abnormalities, hypertension, fat build up in the stomach and the extremities.[1]

Easy bruising, muscle weakness, fertility issues, irritability and mood swings are some of the other symptoms that are caused due to Cushing Syndrome. It is quite a rare condition and is associated with taking glucocorticosteroid medication.[1]

How is Hairy Nipples Treated?

Hairy Nipples does not always require treatment as it seldom indicates a medical condition. However, many females prefer to get these hairs removed as it looks more of a nuisance for them and they do it purely for cosmetic reasons. There are numerous ways to get rid of Hairy Nipples as described below.[1]

Trimming: The first treatment that can be done for Hairy Nipples is trimming of the hairs. This is good enough in cases where there are mild hairs on the nipples. The hairs can be trimmed with small scissors as close to the skin as possible. It should be done carefully so as to prevent the skin from getting injured while trimming the hairs. The downside of this treatment is that this needs to be done on a regular basis as there will be regrowth of the hairs on the nipples.[1]

Tweezing: This is also an effective way of getting rid of Hairy Nipples. However this process at times can be painful since the skin around the area of the nipples is extremely sensitive and soft. This process again needs to be repeated regularly since the hairs always grow back and at times frequent tweezing increases the risk of ingrown hairs as well as infections.[1]

Shaving: This is also one of the options to get rid of Hairy Nipples. However, this needs to be done carefully so as to avoid any injury to the nipple area. This mode of treatment also carries with it the risk of ingrown hairs and infection.[1]

Waxing: This is also a very effective option to get rid of Hairy Nipples. Waxing at times is painful and it is best to get it done at a salon rather than at home as it may damage the skin.[1]

Laser Hair Removal: This is an extremely effective and popular treatment to get rid of unwanted hairs like those in the nipples. This form of treatment uses laser beams to destroy the hair follicles and prevent growth of hairs. Laser treatment for the most part is a permanent solution to get rid of Hairy Nipples. This form of treatment however is quite expensive and needs services of a skilled plastic or cosmetic surgeon.[1]

Hormonal Treatment: Since most of cases of Hairy Nipples are caused by hormonal imbalance, then hormonal treatment becomes necessary. This will require medications to restore hormonal balance.[1]

In conclusion, Hairy Nipples is quite a common finding in many females. It is generally caused due to hormonal imbalances; however, there are also certain medical conditions that may cause Hairy Nipples. These causes include medical conditions like PCOS, overproduction of male hormones, or as a side effect of certain medications. There are a variety of treatments which are safe and easy to do to manage unwanted hairs on the nipples.[1]

The treatments mentioned above do not have any side effects. It should be noted that bleaching agents and creams should not be used as they can irritate the sensitive skin around the nipple area. Most females however opt for laser hair removal as this is a more permanent solution to get rid of Hairy Nipples.[1]


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