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Is Sleeping With A Bra On, Bad? Here Is What You Should Know

Are you sleeping with a bra on? If yes, then you should read this article and know if sleeping with a bra on, bad.

Is Sleeping With A Bra On, Bad? Here Is What You Should Know

Is Sleeping With A Bra On, Bad? Here Is What You Should Know:

There are women who believe that sleeping with a bra on, can result in breast cancer. However, there is no medical evidence that says that it is bad to sleep with a bra on. In fact, if you have larger breasts, sleeping with a bra on can limit breast movement and can aid in alleviating breast pain and also result in more comfortable sleep. Still, there are some women who believe sleeping with a bra on, could be bad and result in several side effects. Here is what you should know.

Below are some of the possible side effects of sleeping with a bra on.

It Can Impact Your Blood Circulation:

Bras, particularly the underwire ones can impact the blood circulation. The wire in your bras can also compress the muscles around the area of your breasts and can affect your nervous system. Apart from this, extremely tight bras can also hurt the breast tissues. So, it is good to remove your bra before sleeping.

This Might Irritate Your Skin:

There are great chances that wearing a bra while sleeping can irritate your skin. The straps and hooks of your bra might protrude into the skin and it can cause skin irritation. There are also chances that if you are wearing a bra for a long time, it might result in lesions and even cause cysts. If you feel discomfort, then remove your bra immediately, and it is always good to take off the bra before bed.

Fungus Might Affect Your Breast Health:

Sleeping with a bra on might enhance the growth of fungus infection. This is because it might create moisture around your bosom area. So, try to avoid wearing bras while sleeping and allow your breasts some time to breathe.

Sleeping In A Bra Alters Breast Physiology:

Studies have shown that sleeping with a bra on at night can impact the lymphatic system negatively, which removes toxins from your breasts through the lymph nodes in the underarms. The physical constrictions of an underwire or sports bra blocks the lymphatic system from draining and it also keeps toxins from filtering out of your body system.

Consequently, it would make you more prone to developing chronic inflammation of the breasts when you are sleeping with a bra on.

Sleeping With A Bra On Might Interrupt Your Sleep:

One might face uneasiness or discomfort while sleeping with a bra on. This might interrupt the sleep.

As per a study from the year 2000, it was found that wearing a bra or any tight fitting clothing at night could affect one’s sleep-wake cycle.(1)

It has been found by researchers that nighttime pressure due to tight fitting clothing caused an increase in our core body temperature and a reduction in melatonin hormone. This hormone named “melatonin” helps in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. A decrease in this hormone can affect our sleep quality.

This was a small scale study that monitored 10 participants for over a period of 58 hours. More research, including more participants and a longer study duration is required to support these findings.

It Might Produce Hyperpigmentation:

Sleeping with a bra on, could be bad because it might produce hyperpigmentation or discoloration of the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a direct result of an elevated level of melanin in specific regions of your body.

Melanin pigment determines the body’s complexion and it resides in the outermost layers of our skin. When you wear a bra constantly at night, it tends to generate friction, stimulating the production of melanocyte and forming dark spots and also uneven skin tone.

What Should You Do If You Are Sleeping With A Bra On?

If you do not find it comfortable to sleep without a bra on, you can try using something softer, looser, and more flexible than the normal bra that you wear during your day. Say, if you are wearing a bra with underwire during the daytime, look for a bra without wires while sleeping. However, make sure that your bra is a good fit. You should always wear a bra made of cotton fabric, since it is breathable.

Take Away:

There are no major negative consequences of sleeping with a bra on. So, is sleeping with a bra on, bad? It might be true that some women sleeping with bra on might experience some negative effects. However, there is no strong evidence regarding this. Some women, especially with larger breasts might experience some discomfort by not wearing bra while sleeping. However, it is solely up to your preferences to sleep with a bra or not.


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