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What Are The Ways To Prevent Paget’s Disease Of The Breast & Does It Come & Go?

In many studies, it is found that the presence of Paget’s disease of the breast does not seem to influence directly the prognosis of an underlying cancer in a given stage.(1)

Dixon et al. reported a high recurrence rate of 40% in patients treated with local excision alone, whose mammograms suggested in situ changes confined to the nipple area.(1)

What Are The Ways To Prevent Paget’s Disease Of The Breast?

Paget’s disease of breast originates from breast cancer so to prevent this condition, underlying cancer should be prevented. Breast cancer prevention can be done by getting information about breast screening after the age of adolescence and this should be taken care of especially when there is a history of breast cancer in the family. Go to the specialist doctors such as oncologist or gynecologist for the proper guidance of its screening program.

The self-breast examination was one of the methods to screen breast cancer by locating the presence of any lump in the breast on either side by the patient itself. It can be done while taking a bath or at any time after a regular period of intervals such as a month or 3 months.

Management of weight is very much important in the prevention of this condition because it is associated with derangement of hormonal levels resulting in fat deposition and more estrogen production which is a bad factor for breast cancer. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are very much important to maintain the weight and in turn reduces the risk of catching such a condition. To maintain weight, exercise is also very important. Following a regime of six days a week for exercise is very effective with around 45 minutes each day. Alcohol consumption should be stopped or done as low as possible because the alcohol is responsible for an increase in weight gain by reducing the metabolic levels of the body and increasing the deposition of fat.(2)

Another major risk factor is the usage of hormonal therapy especially in the elderly age group after menopause has occurred. It consists of the main estrogen which is hugely responsible for causing such a condition like breast cancer and can in turn cause Paget’s disease of breast also.

Does It Come and Go (Reoccur)?

Complete recovery or recurrence largely depends upon the staging of the disease and whether is it associated with invasive breast cancer who has already spread or not. If there is a presence of lymph nodes and a lump in the breast upon examination then it carries a very poor prognosis and the recovery is not complete even after the surgical treatment. It tends to recur because it is cancer that grows indefinitely. According to many studies, the presence of positive factors for poor prognosis has a very dense association with the recurrence of this condition. Dixon et al. reported a high recurrence rate of 40% in patients treated with local excision alone, whereas Polgar et al. reported a local recurrence rate of 33% with a median follow-up time of 6 years with local excision alone, hence signifying that local excision for Paget’s disease of the breast is not sufficient and the condition tends to reoccur.


Screening of breast cancer at the appropriate time interval is very much necessary especially in cases where there is a history of breast cancer in the past generations. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with low alcohol consumption is beneficial because it helps to reduce the weight gain and maintain the hormone levels of the body. Estrogen therapy for any of the causes should be as much prevented as possible because it is a potential risk factor for breast cancer. It has been seen in many cases that local excision is not sufficient and the condition tends to reoccur.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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