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Coping Methods & Home Remedies For Paget’s Disease Of The Breast

Individuals with Paget diseases of the breast often receive added supportive therapies to cope up with the surgical intervention and also prevent cancer from recurring.1,2

There are no specific home remedies to treat Paget disease but natural ways can improve the quality of life,3

Natural ways and lifestyle modifications have the potential to reduce the risk of complications and help treat Paget disease.4,5

Paget disease of the breast is a kind of cancer that occurs due to the malignant growth of cells. Although this is a disease most noticed in women, studies demonstrate that Paget disease is observed in men as well.

Most women suffer at least some psychosocial pain during their breast cancer diagnosis. Life can be most intimidating when you are diagnosed with Paget disease of the breast. This condition was first discovered in 1877 by a joint combination of Rudolph and Paget.

Coping Methods For Paget’s Disease Of The Breast

Coping Methods For Paget’s Disease Of The Breast

When you are diagnosed with this condition, you are often stuck with fear how are you going to cope up with this condition and how is your future going to be? This is perhaps the most important time to make some serious decisions regarding the disease and about the choice of treatment.1

Although there is a multitude of coping methodologies, not everything works for you therefore you need to find something that works well with you. This may include the following

Learn What Is The Disease All About – When you want to know about Paget’s disease and the complications associated with it, check with your doctor about the disease and also explore more information about the disease. When you have a better understanding of your problem you can opt for the right choice of treatment.

Talk With A Support Group Or Cancer Survivors – Talking with cancer survivors is the best way to share your feelings and experiences. Cancer survivors and support groups can provide reliable information and be compassionate during your difficult times

Take Care Of Yourself- Self-care is very important when you are living with cancer. This can help you manage your symptoms more effectively. Find a person you can talk to and share your feelings. When someone listens to you, you feel better and improve your confidence.

Make Time For Romance – If your partner is affected with this condition, look for a suitable time for intimacy. Sex is not the only source of romance, you can accompany them for a movie, buy adorable gifts, and make room for being close to them.2,3

Home Remedies For Paget’s Disease Of The Breast

There are no specific home remedies for this disorder but there are ways through which you can reduce your complications and keep the symptoms under control.

Eat Well- Eating well can support you during each phase of cancer therapy and revival. When you feel tired or unwell, yet you can eat healthy food with sufficient efforts. A healthy diet provides you with energy and keeps your body strong.

Exercise Regularly- Physical activities and exercises can help manage your complications, provide better sleep, boost your mood levels, and offer relief from the sadness that is accompanied by a cancer diagnosis. Your flexibility may be impaired due to surgery, during such cases, exercise can increase your muscle strength and improve your range of motion.

Topical Pain Salves – Topical medications, over the counter medicines and supportive devices are found helpful in several Paget patients.4,5


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