Yoga & Depression: How Yoga Can Help in Treating Depression?

Yoga is an ancient form of practice, which has garnered enough support from people. Yoga is popular in the management of many chronic ailments and yoga can help in treating depression too. Treating depression with yoga has various benefits to offer. Since ancient days, yoga has been practiced in India and many other nations too, have adopted the yoga way of life. But these days, the importance of yoga has gone multifold because of the benefits of yoga in human life. Yoga is popular in the management of many chronic ailments and yoga can help in treating depression too.

This age old yoga technique not only keeps you physically fit but also contributes to your mental well-being. Treating depression with yoga has various benefits to offer. While many benefits are offered by other forms of exercise, yoga for treating depression has its own place. Yoga can help in treating depression to an extent that can result in a better person all together.

Yoga and Depression

How Yoga Can Help in Treating Depression?

Yoga to treat depression can be practiced as yoga poses (asana) and yoga mediation or breathing exercises (pranayama). All these forms of yoga, offer great benefits in treating depression. While asana or poses work on the physical aspect reaching a deeper level to treat depression, yoga meditation and breathing can help in relaxation and help in better coping to treat depression. Yoga poses improve flexibility of the body, resulting in better blood flow, fewer cramps and stronger and relaxed muscles. Yoga treats depression by helping to build the inner strength that enables you to fight depression.

Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of yoga in treating depression and how yoga helps to have a calmer mind. The results are indeed astounding and treating depression with the help of yoga has been acknowledged worldwide. Those who practice yoga regularly, not only gain control over their mind, which helps in treating depression, but also improves focusing abilities, which improves overall performance.

Yogic practices are more or less customized as per a person’s requirement and planned in a way to treat depression. The practice of some yoga techniques have proved to be beneficial for those suffering from depression. It is believed that along with strengthening and relaxing muscles, regular practice of yoga releases hormones that gives a feel-good factor, which contributes to emotional wellbeing.

Yoga and treatment for depression can go hand-in-hand as doctors suggest practicing yoga for better recovery and health. Yoga is a complementary approach for treating depression.

Yoga Practices for Treating Depression

The effects of depression on health can be serious and it is important to follow a lifestyle, which will help to manage depression. Yoga is a way of life, which can not only help to keep illnesses at bay, but also help in treating depression. There are several yoga practices for better health, recovery and to treat depression.

Some yoga practices and breathing techniques found to be very effective in killing stress and beating depression include:

Ujjayi Breathing – Treat Depression with Ocean Breathing

It is a special breathing technique that requires you to breath from the diaphragm that is said to release stress. It helps in calming the self and balancing the mind, which can reduce stress and help in treating depression.

Pranayama – Yoga Breathing Exercise to Treat Depression

Pranayama includes forms of breathing techniques in yoga, which are aimed at increasing the flow of ‘prana’ or life energy in the body. This makes the person more energetic, improves blood circulation and enhances focusing abilities.

Yoga Poses for Treating Depression

Some yoga poses are also popular in treating depression and practicing them regularly can show greater benefits. Yoga poses for treating depression include Sun Salutation, Cobra Pose, Child Pose, Warrior Poses, Downward Dog Pose, Bridge Pose and Corpse Pose, to name a few. Balancing poses too have great influence on improving balance and stability of the body and the mind and can help in treating depression.

Some Researches on Yoga for Treating Depression!

Several studies have been conducted to find if yoga treats depression and the findings have been very promising indeed. It was known that depression is caused due to stress that is deeply accumulated, which is the root cause of various ailments. Regular yoga can help to reduce the increased levels of stress hormones and can help in treating depression.

Yoga practice can make you more alert and attentive and you will feel stronger from within. With time, it becomes easy to practice and inner healing can be felt. A relaxed, calmer mind can help in treating depression, while increased mental alertness can help to improve performance. Yoga can help in treating depression, help to reduce stress, improve mental efficiency and make your life more cheerful.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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