Depression In College Students And What Can Parents Do About It?

One of the most common problems that are observed these days is Depression in College Students or College Depression. It is essential to understand why youngsters are so exposed to depression and what can be done to handle the pressure.

Depression in College Students and What can Parents do About it?

Helping your child to make this transition can turn out to be a major task. It is important to identify if your child is having any issues in dealing with all the troubles and see what can be done to help them at such times.

What Is Depression In College Students Or College Depression And Why Are College Students Exposed To It?

Depression is sort of an ailment that can cause relentless feelings of sadness and loss of interest as well. Depression among college students is not a clinical diagnosis, but is a sort of depression that begins during the college days.

College students have to face many challenges, anxieties and pressure that can make them feel sad or overwhelmed. They may feel homesick as they are living away from the family for the first time. They also have to adjust with their roommates, adapt or learn to handle themselves in a competitive surrounding. Intimate relations and money can also be a major cause of stress. Handling all these changes while transitioning from adolescence to being an adult can cause depression among college students during the college days. College depression is often linked with:

  • Weak academic performance
  • Smoking and dangerous behaviors that relate to unsafe sex as well as alcohol abuse.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression in College Students or College Depression

Most college students feel anxious or sad emotions, but it is essential to make them understand that they will eventually pass. Depression, when left untreated, can interfere with normal activities that have to be undertaken.

Signs and symptoms that may be experienced by a student while struggling with depression involves:

  • Unhappiness or feelings of sadness
  • Frustration or irritability on small things
  • Loss of pleasure or interest in undertaking normal activities
  • Hypersomnia or insomnia
  • Changes in weight and appetite
  • Restlessness or agitation
  • Angry outbursts
  • Slower body movements, thinking or speaking
  • Low concentration, indecisiveness or distractibility
  • Tiredness, loss of energy or fatigue
  • Feeling of guilt, fixation of failures that happened in the past
  • Trouble concentrating, making decisions and remembering events
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Crying without any reason
  • Physical problems that cannot be explained like headaches, back pain.

What Can Parents Do If They Suspect That Their Child Is Suffering From Depression In College Students Or College Depression?

Symptoms and signs that are associated with depression among college students or college depression may seem difficult to be noticed unless the child is living at home. College students may feel embarrassed or may feel that they do not fit in the environment they belong.

Try to talk to your child about the hassles that he or she is facing if you notice that they are under depression. Encourage your child to speak about his or her feelings or take your kid to the doctor at the earliest.

The symptoms of depression may not get better on its own and it may worsen when they are left untreated. When untreated, it can also lead to increase the likelihood of suicide risk and substance abuse as well.

How Can Parents Help Their Children Who Is The Victim Of College Depression Or Depression In College Students?

Other than seeking treatment, depression among college students or college depression can be handled by taking one step ahead to feel better with time. Parents can encourage their children to:

  • Take baby steps. Encourage your kid to not take major decisions and do too many things at one time. Ask him or her to break these huge tasks into smaller ones.
  • Participate in various activities. Motivate your child to get involved in various activities that he or she loves doing. This can help in drifting the mind from negative thoughts.
  • Look for support. Ask your child to make friends and be in an environment that he or she believes to be supporting.

How Can Parents Help In Preventing Depression In College Students Or College Depression?

Depression in College Students or College Depression cannot be prevented. However, helping your child to be familiar with the college environment can be the right choice. This may prevent the kid from being overwhelmed when he or she is thrown into new surroundings. Encourage your child to speak to various faculty members and seek support from them when necessary.

If your child has a history of depression, it is better to speak with the doctor and take counseling sessions. This may help your child in transitioning to college with a healthy mind. You can also help your child in becoming familiar with the college campus through counseling resources that are held in the campus.

Getting the right treatment at the right time in the early stages can help in relieving the symptoms, prevent depression and help your kid in succeeding in his or her college life.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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