Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Depression

Depression is a common, but potentially life-altering disorder. Regardless of a person’s social or financial stature, depression feeds on low self-esteem. Even celebrities are prone to bouts of depression.

Depression may not be as easy to tackle as one might think. Depression does not only affect mental stability but breaks your body down as well. For celebrities, depression has been the silent killer. Recently, it claimed the life of Hollywood actor Robin Williams – one of the world’s best-known comedians. Since they are under constant media scrutiny, celebrities’ private lives have become public spectacles. They might put on a brave face in front of the camera. But, they could be struggling with depression inside.

Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Depression

Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Depression

The list of celebrities who have battled depression in the past is quite long. However, it is important to note that most of them have come out stronger. Here are some of the famous faces who found themselves in the throes of depression:

John Hamm and Depression

American actor, director and television star John Hamm may have come across as a suave advertising hot-shot on TV show Mad Men, but he has not managed to escape acute depression. In his early 20s, Jon Hamm lost his father and thus began an unhealthy relation with depression. He even sought medical help to treat the issue. Although school and part-time work helped alleviate the pain of depression, the actor underwent therapy with a local psychiatrist and was on anti-depressant medication for a very long time.

Owen Wilson

One of Hollywood best-loved comedian’s Owen Wilson has battled depression in the past. His addiction to drugs and a mid-life crisis of loneliness plunged him into depression in 2007. However, the actor came back with a bang and was seen doing some great work after spending quality time with family and close friends as well as a stint at a rehabilitation centre.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s death will always be a loss to the film industry as the brilliant actor fell prey to the strong clutches of depression. Reported to have committed suicide in early 2008, the young actor overdosed on anti-depressant drugs, sleeping pills and painkillers as he was suffering from insomnia. Reports later confirmed that the main cause of insomnia was depression. Reports suggest that the Australian actor was sad about the breakup with his Brokeback Mountain co-star and wife Michelle Williams.

Demi Lovato

The Disney star may come across as a chirpy, confident girl, much like the character she played in ‘Sonny With a Chance’, but Demi was detected with acute depression due to her obsession over her body weight. The voluptuous actress and singer was admitted to hospital for treatment in 2010, where she underwent therapy for bulimia, anorexia and a bipolar disorder.

Catherine Zeta- Jones and Depression

The Oscar winner was one of the bravest actresses to go public about her depression issues as she was suffering from a bipolar disorder and was suggested therapy and rehab for a while. The actress, whose career took a downfall after her marriage to Michael Douglas, was also worried about her husband’s treatment for throat cancer. Soon enough, the constant worry about her husband’s ill health and her career and personal issues resulted in Jones suffering from mental illness. She required immediate care and treatment.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Post-Partum Depression

Sometimes self-confidence can take a hit irrespective of how efficient you are at the job. This is exactly what happened to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who underwent depression after having two kids as she was unable to deal with the pressure of handling newly born kids. The emotional breakdown and mental trauma associated with post-partum depression landed her in the hospital. However, her husband at the time, Chris Martin, supported her through the episode. She was soon discharged from hospital after initial treatment.

Princess Diana

The ‘People’s Princess’ met a tragic end in Paris in 1997. It came as a huge surprise as Diana was the picture of happiness. However, even a princess has to deal with the ugliness of depression. Cracks started to develop in her marriage to Prince Charles of England. She was also forced to deal with loneliness and the trauma of handling responsibilities and the sometimes unwanted paparazzi attention. In fact, her depression worsened when her marriage fell apart.

Deepika Padukone and Depression

The reigning queen of Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) seems to have her life together. Boosted by an enviable career and figure, no one knew Deepika Padukone was undergoing depression during a phase in her career. Soon to make her Hollywood debut opposite Vin Diesel in XXX 3, Deepika Padukone was under severe depression at the peak of her career when she broke up with a leading Bollywood actor. She was on strict medication and kept herself away and locked in her house as she fell apart. She recently came clean about her struggle with depression on a TV news show. In fact, she soon started a foundation to reach out to people suffering from depression.

Celebrities are also human. They have the same struggles like the rest of us. These leading faces have also struggled with depression. While a majority of them have overcome the condition, there may be a few who stories we have not heard of yet.

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