Benefits of Sujok Therapy in Treating Diabetes

Are you or any of your loved one suffering from Diabetes? If yes! Then you must be made aware of one of the best alternative therapies that benefits in treating diabetes. We know that Acupressure is beneficial in diabetes. Sujok therapy is one of the most popular alternative therapies that make use of the acupressure points in feet and palm for treating several conditions including Diabetes. There are Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes; and Sujok therapy can be beneficial for both these kind of diabetes.

Benefits of Sujok Therapy in Treating Diabetes

Benefits of Sujok Therapy in Treating Diabetes:

Sujok therapy is the recent most and also the most advanced form of complementary medicine. By making use of various Sujok therapy methods, one can bring a whole individual to balance and perfection. Sujok therapy is known to treat many conditions in human being; and diabetes is one of them.

Sujok therapy is similar to Acupuncture or Acupressure which makes use of pressure points and stimulates the points for treating the health conditions; however in Sujok the acupressure points are located in hands and feet only which are required to be properly stimulated.

Won’t you like to know about some of the pressure points which are used in this holistic treatment that would cure diabetes? Diabetes can be treated or controlled by stimulating these pressure points on hands and feet? So, read below to know about the points for diabetes control which can benefit you in treating symptoms of diabetes.

  1. Big Toe Point:

    This is located in the big toe and you need to find this point and apply firm pressure regularly everyday to find a reduction in the symptoms of diabetes.

  2. Foot Toe Point or Liver Point:

    Foot toe point or liver point is on the foot between the big toe and the second toe. Find the point and massage and apply firm pressure everyday at least for 3 minutes to lessen the symptoms of diabetes and also reduce symptoms of depression, emotional stress etc. However, make sure you are not massaging or applying this pressure point if you are tired.

  3. Inner Foot Point or Kidney Point:

    Inner foot point or the Kidney point is one more pressure point located in the inner side of the foot. This is one more pressure point for diabetes control. You can find this point and apply firm pressure everyday for at least 3 minutes, so as to improve the functioning as well as develop the insulin production in the body. This point can be found exactly in between the ankle bone and achilles muscle.

  4. Hand Valley Point or Intestine Point:

    Hand valley point or Intestine point is highly important for treating or controlling diabetes. This point is situated between the index finger and the thumb. Apply firm pressure and massage the point regularly to get relief in diabetes and also remove stress from the body.

  5. Stress Relief Point:

    One more acupressure point for diabetes control that can be used in Sujok for treating or controlling the condition is the Stress relief point that is located on the wrist on the straight line up with the little finger. You can use this point to relieve stress and also improve condition in diabetes.

    These pressure points located on hands and feet and are very important in treating or controlling diabetes. The best thing is, Sujok therapy on these acupressure points is harmless and thus most preferable for people suffering from diabetes. In the holistic treatment of Sujok therapy for diabetes; after the acupressure treatment, one can also tie seeds, pulses, legumes etc in the treated points for extra benefits.

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