Benefits of Sujok Therapy in Treating Back Pain

Back pain is perhaps one of the most widespread diseases all across the world. As per statistic, 80% of population in the world suffers from back pain. This is obviously huge! However, this is not very much surprising as today we all live a sedentary lifestyle, walk, sit and stand in bad posture, eat incorrectly and many of us hardly performs any physical activity. One of the interesting things to be noted is back pain is actually not a disease but is actually only a symptom that our body is unhealthy. Now, for those who are really worried of the back pain, Sujok therapy could help in a great way. Read below to know more about this.

Benefits of Sujok Therapy in Treating Back Pain

Benefits of Sujok Therapy in Treating Back Pain:

Sujok therapy is an alternative therapy which involves stimulating some pressure points present in the hands and feet. As per Sujok therapy principle, our backbone corresponds to the certain areas of our palm. Look below to know about the exact area where you have back pain and know the pressure points located in the palm.

A Self Healing Sujok Treatment for Back Pain:

  • So, first thing you need to do is find out the exact area that corresponds to your back pain. Once you have found the exact painful area and the corresponding point on your palm, start firmly massaging the points and the areas. You need to do this for at least 15 minutes.
  • Then after making use of a spring ring, massage the areas on your fingers corresponding to back pain. You can also use an elastic band in place of a spring ring. Make movements along the fingers. This is because, the areas corresponding to a backbone on fingers are located on each finger, except for your thumb. You can do this in all the rest four fingers. However make sure that you are doing this several times in a day.
  • The next thing you are required to do is heat up these areas with Moxa.
  • Finally, you need to apply buckwheat seeds to these treated areas.

So, this Sujok is actually a self healing Sujok therapy treatment which can be performed by you on yourself and can find effective results from it in relieving back pain. However for the best results you need to reach an expert practitioner who can treat your back pain with the best holistic method of Sujok therapy.

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