Effectiveness of Sujok Therapy for Weight Loss

Do you know that almost any pain can be relieved and disease cured by simply massaging the hands or feet? Want to know what this therapy is called? It’s called Sujok therapy! Wondering if you can use Sujok for weight loss? Yes you can! With the help of Sujok, you will no longer need to pop pills to manage your weight and other health problems. Let’s take a look at Sujok therapy for weight loss and the way in which it works.

What is Sujok Therapy?

Sujok therapy is an alternative treatment system established by the Chinese professor, Wu Zhe Park, in the year 1980. It comprises of a range of techniques which help to prevent and cure diseases and restore good health without using any medicine. ‘Su’ meaning our hands and ‘Jok’ meaning our feet, in Korean, represent the true, miniature mirror image of the entire body. Like the remote is used to control and operate the television, our feet and hands can be used to control and influence our full body and cure illnesses. This forms the basic principle of Sujok therapy and like for other health problems, Sujok therapy for weight loss too works on the same principle.

By accurately understanding the exact similarities between the different body parts and their corresponding points on the hands and feet, one can impact any area and relieve any problem using Sujok therapy. While Sujok therapy for weight loss is very effective, it is also popularly used to relieve asthma, bronchitis, headache, ulcers, gastritis, migraines, dizziness, etc. Sujok can also treat depression, panic attacks, anger issues and fears.

Effectiveness of Sujok Therapy for Weight Loss

Effectiveness of Sujok Therapy for Weight Loss

Sujok therapy for weight loss has gained much popularity in the recent years as it helps to manage obesity and reduces the risk of several lifestyle disorders. While the principle remains the same to manage weight loss with Sujok therapy, the manner in which it is performed may vary depending on the need of a person. Sujok therapy, which has a scientific base is practiced by trained experts and it is advisable to get Sujok therapy for weight loss done under expert’s supervision. Excessive weight may be due to other health conditions as well, hence a medical history is equally essential and is best to take medical opinion before following any alternative treatments including Sujok therapy for weight loss.

Once found suitable, Sujok therapy can be followed as guided by the expert. By applying slight pressure on certain points on the hands and feet and massaging those areas, one can trigger weight reduction. These are the points which basically help treat water retention, bloating, flatulence and constipation. This not only helps in natural detoxification and cleansing of the bowels but also promotes healthy digestion and metabolism.

Sujok therapy for weight loss, aims at triggering certain points that help to improve metabolism and suppress appetite. Massages are the most popular part of Sujok as they are quick and easy to perform. Apart from the standard acupressure and massage techniques, Sujok seed therapy is also used for similar benefits. This too is a popular part of Sujok therapy for weight loss.

Sujok Seed Therapy

In Sujok seed therapy, seeds of different colors are placed on the pressure points to trigger weight loss, treat obesity and other health issues. Round shaped seeds like pepper, peas, etc. are tied to the particular points with an adhesive plaster. This is done to create pressure on these points. The seeds change their shape and structure by the end of the treatment. They also become brittle and their color fades too, which indicates their effectiveness.

This holistic healing method can be used by patients of any age to treat their health problems. Sujok therapy for weight loss is considered absolutely safe with no side effects and it can be practiced by the patients on themselves too. By learning proper techniques and the way to practice at home, one can continue therapy as advised. By using this simple technique, eating a low calorie diet, exercising regularly and following a healthy lifestyle, one can not only achieve their weight loss goals but also keep many health issues at bay. Sujok therapy for weight loss can help them live a healthy long, happy and flab free life, naturally.

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