Can Reiki Relieve Sciatica?

One of the most painful experiences in one’s life would be severe pain, especially the one that is caused due to sciatica. This pain would keep anyone away from a happy and comfortable life. There are several ways sciatica can be treated. Reiki treatment can also be used to relieve sciatica. Let us know more about it in the following section.

Can Reiki Relieve Sciatica?

Can Reiki Relieve Sciatica?

Sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in our body and it runs from each side of the lower spine through deep in the buttock in to the back of the thigh and all the way down to our foot. This nerve serves an important role in connecting the spinal cord with the foot and leg muscles. In sciatica, there is a pain radiating along the sciatic nerve and it is caused commonly by some type of compression of a spinal nerve in the lower back. Now, there may be many reasons for this compression. Usually sciatica involves symptoms like leg pain, tingling, numbness, weakness in the back of thigh, calf and some time also foot, depending upon where the sciatic nerve has been compressed. There are several medical treatments for sciatica. However, Reiki is one of the natural and holistic methods to heal various bodily disorders including sciatica. Reiki treatment for sciatica includes a therapeutic touch that transfers spiritual healing energy. It must be noted that there is no involvement of drugs or manipulation in Reiki sessions for sciatica.

It is very obvious that sciatica or any other forms of back pain are a great misery. Anyone suffering from such condition would look for a physiotherapist, doctor or someone who would fix the problem. However, it must be mentioned that once your back gets weakened, it is likely to be a house of imbalance in energy in the body. The trapped energies in the back portion often contribute to additional pain and misery that you feel in sciatica. So, for your well being, these energies are required to be expelled or realigned. Here is where Reiki plays its vital role.

In a Reiki treatment, the hands of the Reiki practitioner or the healer heal either by touching your body or by healing the aura present around you. You might feel hot and cold during the Reiki treatment or there may be a feeling of vibration or an electrical feeling. Moreover, you may also feel a breeze or a wave around you. This type of treatment is a real gentle way to heal the energy imbalance in the body.


It is true that Reiki can help you in getting some relief from sciatica; however, it cannot treat it completely and one must also keep it noted that it will not work as an immediate pain medication. It goes deeper in to the root cause of the pain in sciatica so as to minimize the chances of future trouble. However, it is definitely an important and reliable method so as to get rid of sciatic pain in the long run. You must continue with your prescribed medical treatment in case of sciatica and along with go for Reiki treatments.

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