Benefits of Reiki & How Long Does it Take to Work?

Reiki treatment is one of those natural healing treatments that enhances relaxation, makes you feel at peace and lessen your stress. The Reiki healing increases the supply of life force energy and aids you heal quickly. Taking Reiki treatments, one begins to move towards his or her unique physical, mental as well as spiritual balance and body’s own healing mechanism begin to function in a better way.

Benefits of Reiki

There are a lot of benefits of Reiki which we will be studying in the below section.

Benefits of Reiki:

  1. Benefits of Reiki in Reducing Stress and Enhancing Relaxation:

    Stress reduction and offering relaxation are the best proved health benefits offered by Reiki. Stress can cause a lot of irregularities like irregular heart rhythms that can cause stroke, eating disorders, mood disorders, sexual problems in men, and several others. Reiki can reduce stress and thus aid in relieving from other associated problems of stress.

  2. Reiki Helps in Reducing Depression and Anxiety by Changing One’s Mood:

    Changes in mood are associated with depression and anxiety. It has been found from a lot of studies that Reiki treatment benefits overall mood. There is an improvement in mood and reduction in anxiety and depression with Reiki. With Reiki your positive energy increases and thus improves you condition of depression and anxiety.

  3. Reiki Improves the Mobility in Case of Shoulder Pain, Wrist Pain and Lower Back Pain:

    Reiki is also believed to improve the mobility in case of shoulder pain, lower back pain, wrist pain etc. An interesting study that was published in the journal Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, compared the effectiveness of improving range of motion of ROM via physical therapy and Reiki and it was found that both showed the same effect in improving the range of motion of the affected part.

  4. Reiki Heals Infections and Inflammations:

    Studies have found that Reiki also heals infections and inflammations. One study reported in the journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed a wonderful result on Reiki and its healing effect of infections and inflammation.

    An obese hypertensive person was treated for Hepatitis C. There were side effects like anemia and neutropenia(that is a severe neutrophil deficiency leading to susceptibility to infection. The patient was administered with Reiki therapy for relieving anxiety and also to enhance his sense of well being. Incidentally it was noticed that there was a significant improvement in neutrophil count and hematocrit, which in turn improved the function of bone marrow. Thus, the patient was infection-free even after a year of the treatment.

  5. Symptoms Associated With Cancer Could be Treated by Reiki:

    Reiki cannot cure cancer. However, it can effectively treat associated symptoms of cancer like pain, fatigue and depression. In a study published in the journal Integrative Cancer Therapy, researchers reported that Reiki treatment for 5 consecutive days followed by one week no treatment and then 2 additional sessions of Reiki in various cancer patients could decrease tiredness, pain and anxiety significantly and improve their quality of life.

    Similarly Reiki also relieves pain from migraine, arthritis and sciatica. Apart from this, it also aids in reducing symptoms of asthma, insomnia and menopause.

  6. Reiki Improves Indices of Metabolic Syndrome:

    Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and various other chronic conditions, which affects a substantial and increasing percentage of the total world population. It is noted that Reiki can show effective results in improving the outcomes of metabolic syndrome.

  7. Reiki Enables Emotional Clarity and Spiritual Growth:

    Reiki not only heals one physically but also heals emotionally. One of the most magical effects of Reiki is that it can enhance your capability to empathize, to love as it enables you to connect with people very deeply. It can help in strengthening your relationships, it can heal personal relationships. Reiki brings inner peace and harmony which are the most essential qualities of spiritual growth. It actually cleans and clears your emotions.

How Long Does Reiki Take to Work?

A typical session of Reiki lasts for about 90 minutes at maximum. After the Reiki session most people undergoing the treatment feel relaxed and experienced reduced stress soon after the treatment. However sometimes it may take more than one session to experience the effects of Reiki. Usually four sessions of Reiki are recommended for the best benefits; however your professional Reiki practitioner would let you know about how many sessions you actually require to heal.

There are people who feel relaxed immediately after the Reiki treatment. However some people may not experience the benefits in first Reiki session. But anyways, they may have progressively deeper experiences when they continue the treatment. Besides the immediate experience of Reiki, one may also experience other healthy changes like stronger digestion, a sense of being more centered and healthy sleeping.


With all its wonderful benefits on body, mind and spirit, Reiki is thus quickly becoming an accepted presence in hospitals and clinics. One of the important benefits of Reiki treatment is that the healing approach is non-traumatic and easily integrated with conventional therapies.

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