Color Therapy|Benefits of Color Therapy in Treating Lifestyle Disease

Colors are undoubtedly the smiles of nature!! They enlighten our minds with the power of their intensity and bring brightness to our lives. Such wonderful colors also have to the power to heal diseases, which is seen in color therapy, which is a form of healing therapy. Color therapy and its uses for the treatment of various lifestyle diseases are popular in many parts of the world. It is important to understand the benefits of color therapy and how to use them to treat some lifestyle diseases.

What is Color Therapy?

What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy has been used since ancient times. Colors are produced when light spreads into different wavelengths, just like you see a rainbow. Each color that differentiates from the light, has its own specific energy and its own healing power. Just as a rainbow has seven colors, the colors and their energies are believed to resonate with the seven healing chakras in human body. These healing chakras are also known as the prominent energy centers of the body. It is believed that a healthy balance of the resonating energies brings good health and well being of an individual.

Color therapy is found to be a way out to rebalance and to bring about a stimulation of these energies. For this purpose, color therapy is used, in which, by the application of suitable color, it is possible to rebalance the main chakras.

Benefits of Color Therapy

Benefits of Color Therapy

Some of the benefits of color therapy and their usage to bring about the treatment of some lifestyle diseases: –

  • Color therapy can be used to heal some specific lifestyle associated problems. The main benefit of color therapy is that it is a very good balancer for energy and also serves the purpose for the revitalization of energy.
  • Color therapy helps in relaxation of body and mind, helps to bring about serenity through meditation. It helps to provide inspiration and helps to raise spiritual awareness.
  • Color therapy, with the power of its colors, has the ability to alter the current state of health and repair the imbalances of the human body and mind.
  • Color therapy is based on the fact that specific needs of colors may be required as a consequence of certain illnesses and certain negativities of energy. Color therapy helps to rebalance those and proper understanding of the needs of colors can help reducing the effects of certain lifestyle diseases.
  • Different attributes and specific qualities of every color have the capability to create a shift in the resonating energy and this probably helps in the restoration of good health in human body, which is a benefit of color therapy.

Benefits of Color Therapy in Treating Lifestyle Diseases

As colors are useful in balancing energies, color therapy can be used to maintain health and wellbeing. This is more important for lifestyle disorders or chronic ailments as most of them are influenced by stress and other negative energies. Improper diet, lifestyle, stress, anger and other emotional problems add to the problems in lifestyle diseases. Color therapy helps to balance the energies and develop a positive attitude.

Color therapy can be applied as a complementary therapy is treating various ailments and other problems. Color therapy can be applied for

  • Treatment of various lifestyle illness and disorders
  • Bring about the improvement of different physical ailments and irresistible pain.
  • Focus on the specific mental and emotional conditions.
  • Prevention of illness and proper maintenance of good health.

How Does Color Therapy Help to Treat Lifestyle Diseases?

While colors have been appreciated for their beauty, color therapy makes use of the energy in every color. Color therapy has its own benefits and it can be successfully used to treat lifestyle diseases, because of the availability of different colors and varying energy levels. As believed in color therapy, every color depicts certain human characteristics, mental and emotion state of mind. When the needs of a person are identified, their color preferences are matched with their physical and mental problems, it can be possible to suggest certain remedial measures in color therapy.

For example, a person is depressed, prefers more of blue or violet colors and the corresponding physical ailments are also taken into consideration. Color therapy would suggest the use of specific colors in particular combinations, which can not only help to relieve depression but also the physical ailments of the person. Color therapy can thus help to create a balance of energies with the use of appropriate colors in a specific manner.

In order to treat lifestyle diseases, medical management, diet and exercise is essential as per the requirement. However, using complementary therapies like color therapy can help to create a positive environment, fight negative energies and develop a sphere of wellbeing around the individual. This can help to rebalance the condition, help to manage the lifestyle disease or chronic conditions better and create positive energy.

Color Therapy for Treatment of Lifestyle Diseases like Diabetes

Color therapy believes that diabetes usually occurs due to the deficiency of two specific colors in our body that are orange and yellow. Treatment of this lifestyle disease through color therapy can be done using synchronized application of sunshine or through the application of charges of color in the water and is best done by a trained therapist.

In color therapy to treat lifestyle diseases like diabetes various colored and definite sized sheets of glass are used. Their location is adjusted such that the rays could directly fall on the patient’s body.

Lemon yellow is considered as a color of pancreas and it is also believed to be the stimulant of the nervous system, spleen and also the liver. This color holds importance in color therapy to treat lifestyle diseases like diabetes. It also helps to relieve indigestion. Orange color is also found to be immensely useful in constraining the symptoms of diabetes. Effective use of such colors are planned by experts in color therapy to treat lifestyle diseases.

Treatment of Blood Pressure Fluctuations with Color Therapy

Blue, another important color in color therapy, is a cooling and anti-inflammatory color and helps in arresting bleeding in wounds. Blue is a soothing color that brings serenity in our lives, therefore it gradually slows down the pulse and helps to maintain blood pressure. Color therapy uses blue to treat lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure. Blue effectively reduces blood pressure and brings it back to the normal while also treating the symptoms of insomnia.

Color Therapy for Treatment of Obesity

The color blue is also said to work well in suppressing appetite of an individual. Color therapy uses incorporation of blue color in eating plan to help to reduce weight loss. Color therapy may recommend the use of blue table cloth, blue plates or painting the walls of kitchen in blue color to treat lifestyle diseases like obesity.

Similarly, chronic ailments or other lifestyle disorders can be managed with the help of the specific color influencing the disease and the individual.

Healing effects of various colors are applied in color therapy. Appropriate use of color in color therapy brings about great positive changes in the lifestyle and help to treat lifestyle diseases.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:April 3, 2018

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