Does Reiki Work for Weight Loss?

One of the life style diseases caused due to sedentary life style and unhealthy food habits is obesity or increase in body weight. This can be one of the most worrisome factors in life. Increased weight or obesity can also lead to several diseases like cardiac issues, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, arthritis etc. More over excessive body weight has a bad cosmetic effect on one’s physique. So one must check on his or her body weight and try work outs or other treatments to get rid of excessive weight of the body. Reiki treatment can be considered as one of the treatment that could assist in weight loss. More about this is mentioned below.

Does Reiki Work for Weight Loss?

Does Reiki Work for Weight Loss?

Our body weight must be according to our BMI or Body Mass Index. Reiki is considered to be one of the best ways to keep our body weight as per our height and keep the BMI in a balanced state.

We already know that Reiki is a form of energy work. Since its purpose is to balance the energy flow in and around the body; it may be beneficial in reducing weight or weight loss. Now, coming to the question of how does Reiki work for weight loss? Well following are some points to note on how actually reiki work for weight loss.

  • Reiki works for weight loss by helping stabilize our appetite and make us more aware of our body’s nutritional needs. Reiki can aid us to make healthier choices and also help us discard unhealthy cravings that can add to the body’s unnecessary weight.
  • Will power play an important role in weight loss. Reiki helps in improving will power. So after several sessions of Reiki one might completely change the way he or she feeds his or her body.
  • Moreover, Reiki can aid in tuning the organs up so that they process the food in a better way which can help with weight loss.
  • Reiki aids in the serotonin secretion naturally, which in turn aids in reducing body weight
  • Reiki will aid you in starting physical exercises that would help you in weight loss. After all, a healthier lifestyle with activities is one of the major ways to reduce weight.

Some Reiki Techniques for Weight Loss:

Here are some of the simple and effective techniques of Reiki for reducing unwanted body weights and associated physical body hazards.

Increase You Will Power With Reiki:

Solar plexus deals with will power. Providing Reiki to solar plexus will help in enhancing your determination and will help you in weight loss and lead a healthy and active life. Yellow is the color of solar plexus chakra. So, you can make use of the yellow crystals like golden topaz or citrine and charge the crystals with Reiki energy and then keep on your solar chakra and keep on sending the energy to your solar chakra.

Charge Your Food With Reiki Energy:

While having your food, think that the universal healing energy is entering your body with the digestion of food you are consuming. Also think that this food is going to make you stronger, healthier and happier.

Charge Your Water With Reiki Energy:

It is not only your food, but it is also required to charge your drinking water with the universal energy and drink enough of water in a day. Think that the water you drink will help your body to clear all toxins and metabolic waste products which are not essential for your body any more.

Do Meditation:

Perform meditation at least two times in a day. While meditation, keep on saying yourself that you want to lose your body weight. While this, the universal healing energy is entering in to your body continuously and boosts the body’s metabolism.

Use the Reiki Symbol “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”:

You need to use one Reiki symbol for body weight loss. “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen” is beneficial for body weight loss.

Imagine and Visualize The Yellow Light:

Sit in the upright position and keep your hands on your knees. Breathe comfortably. Imagine that a yellow light is entering to the body from the Earth and spreading all over your body. Also imagine that this yellow colored light is shining in the region of solar plexus. Visualize this as long as you can. Think that this light is draining all the negative energies from your body. This technique will aid you to be more determined to reduce your body weight and help you lead a healthy and beautiful life.


It must be mentioned that Reiki is not a quick-fix in any kind of ill health condition; however it provides a majestic aid towards healing. Keep it noted that it might take several sessions to really experience good results of Reiki. However you can give it a try and feel the experience of feeling good at body and mind and spirit with Reiki.

We all know that “Weight gain is associated with health loss.” So, one can follow this divine way of Reiki to prosper in health by reducing body weight and leading a healthy and active life.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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