Hellerwork for Pain

Are you searching for a way out to relieve that pain you have been suffering from? Whether it is headache, migraine, neck pain, backache or joint pain, you always feel that they disturb you and you just want to get rid of it. It is very common to have your body affected due to external and internal environmental changes, injuries, lifestyle choices and other habits. These generally tend to increase the stress in your mind and body, which slowly begins to affect your body movements, posture and other physical patterns. You may thus end with some form of pain, discomfort, or even dysfunction.

Hellerwork is one such alternative therapy that focuses on improving your body movements along with reduction in your pain. It is a combination of bodywork, movement training and dialogue to develop awareness between your mind and your physical alignment, posture or movement. In this, the mind and body is trained to maintain harmony and work together more effectively even during times of stress.

Hellerwork is a natural healing method, which is aimed at comforting chronic pain by developing a more natural and easy pattern of movement. By analyzing and becoming aware of the existing movement patterns it becomes possible to realign your body with techniques that help in reorganization of deep tissue.

Hellerwork Technique

History Of Hellerwork

Joseph Heller, who had been practicing structural body work, brought forth the concept of this form of alternative therapy. He, along with his associates had been working in the area of body work, body posture, awareness of body energy and movement training. During this, he came across many clients and backed up by his huge experience in healing modalities, he then developed this new form of body work called Hellerwork.

Hellerwork Theory: How Does It Work?

Hellerwork theory fundamentally believes that while pain and discomfort is a manifestation and needs to be addressed, the real problem is present deep within. Physical and mental stress can potentially give rise to various other health problems. Emotional stress usually causes a person to react in a particular way, which can affect the movement patterns as well. Physical stress, injury and other changes may lead to tightening of muscles causing pain and discomfort. Abnormal or deviated movement patterns, changes in posture and habits can lead to alterations in body structure and movement. All these produce an imbalance in your body, which can cause pain.

However, relieving the pain and reducing the symptoms is not all; but treating the underlying cause is more important. Hellerwork aims at treating the imbalance and making provisions to correct the causes that trigger the imbalance in a person. For this purpose, it is essential to focus on restructuring the body so as to bring back the balance and make it more aligned to be able to function better. Body and mind are trained in the apt way to release stress and bring positive effects.

Hellerwork follows this principle and uses three components namely, bodywork, movement training and dialogue or communication to enable the person to release physical and mental stress. This therapy is performed keeping in mind the aim of realigning the body, regaining correct posture and maintaining balance to restore health and relieve pain.

Hellerwork Technique

The method used in Hellerwork therapy involves

  • Bodywork or Massage – Deep tissues are massaged to provide relaxation of tissues and muscles and promote strengthening. The therapist works on your body areas to release tension, rigidity and stiffness in the body. This bodywork helps to reduce discomfort and pain, improve flexibility, range of movement and body posture.
  • Movement Education or Training – This part is meant to make you aware of your existing patterns of body movements while sitting, standing, walking, other everyday actions and sports or work related activities. It enables you to realize and assess new ways of regaining balance and alignment, to perform those movements with more ease and less discomfort. It is important to identify correct ways of making certain movements, bending, lifting weights, carrying objects, etc to avoid any harm to your body.
  • Dialogue or Communication – This part helps you to become aware of your emotional patterns or attitudes and to identify if these are trigger factors for your pain or discomfort. It is important to analyze about your feelings, emotions and understand the way they can influence your movement pattern or overall physical well-being. Free communication enables you to find new ways to deal with your life’s stressors, release your suppressed emotions and regain your emotional balance.

Hellerwork is an art and science and is carried out by a trained therapist. You may be advised a particular number of sessions for a specified duration depending on your complaints.

Hellerwork And Its Benefits

Hellerwork is useful in regaining posture and relieving limited movements, headaches, body pains, neck or back pain, chronic pain and fatigue. Hellerwork can help in reducing anxiety and relieve emotional stress.

Hellerwork physical therapy is also used by practitioners to treat conditions with chronic pain and joint disorders. Hellerwork treatment is also a popular method in massage therapy techniques used to ease painful muscles and relieve pain.

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