What is Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy, Know its Uses, Ideology, Benefits, Practice

What is Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy?

Naturopathic Medicine is a diverse form of primary health care. It is a practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses. Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is characterized by the ideologies, which inspires and determines its practice. The ideologies of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy are based upon the factual observation of the description of health and disease and are continuously examined in the face of scientific development. Methods that are implemented are based on these ideologies and are selected based on the person individuality.

Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy

Understanding Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy & Its Ideologies

Naturopathic practitioners or Naturopaths are trained as physicians with various methods of diagnosis and treatment comprising of contemporary and conventional as well as scientific and practical methods.

The following 6 Ideologies form the basis of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy:

Nature’s Ability to Heal

Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy believes in the ability of nature to heal is the intrinsic healing process of living things which creates, maintains, and reconditions health. The role of a naturopath is to support, assist, and enhance the healing process by recognizing and eliminating barriers for good health and recovery and create a healthy inner and outer atmosphere.

Recognizing and Treating the Root Causes

It goes without saying that no illness occurs without a cause. The causes may come from many areas. According to Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy, the underlying root of the disease needs to be recognized and eliminated to facilitate a full recovery. The body’s attempt to guard and recover itself is prompted in the form of symptoms. The Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy aims to cure the root cause of a disease than just the symptoms.

First Priority is Not to Harm

Naturopathic practitioners or Naturopaths follow the following rules to make sure a patient is not harmed:

  • They utilize techniques which have minimal risk of harming an individual. The use of intervention in Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is as less as possible for diagnosis and treatment.
  • As much as possible the naturopathic doctor avoids containment of symptoms, as it may interfere with healing.
  • Naturopathic doctors work using the healing power of nature and mind for diagnosis and treatment.

Doctor’s Aim Is To Educate

The main objective of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is educating a patient and stresses the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own health. Naturopathic practitioners also identify and utilize the beneficial capability of the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Treating a Person

The process of fitness of a person and a disease arise from a mixture of physical, genetic, and environmental among other aspects. Since it also includes spiritual health, physicians support people to follow their spiritual development. Naturopathic medicine realizes the balanced functioning of all the features of an individual as of utmost importance for good health. The multifaceted nature of health and illness needs a thorough approach to diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic physicians treat a person keeping all these factors in the mind.

Disease Prevention

The main objective of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is to prevent a disease and obtain total health in patients. These objectives are achieved through patient education and promoting healthy living. The physicians analyze a person’s risk factors, genetic history, and vulnerability to diseases and then make necessary interventions together with the patients to prevent diseases. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes that a person cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment.

Uses of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy

Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is used for pain relief, stress reduction, maintaining weight, for higher energy levels, and increasing fitness levels etc.

How Is Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy Practiced?

Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy gets its definition primarily by its basic principles. The methods and techniques that are used are based on these principles in conjunction with the requirement of the patient. The methods are selected from different sources.

The Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy practice includes the following modalities: It utilizes all the tools of diagnostic testing to include clinical and laboratory testing. Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy also uses different imaging techniques. It uses nutritional medicine, medicines obtained from plants and animals. It also uses hygiene and measures used for public health. Also used are naturopathic manipulative therapy; electromagnetic and mechanical devices, ultrasound, therapeutic exercise; homeopathy; psychotherapy; acupuncture, intravenous therapy; prescription medicines.

Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy

  • Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is very beneficial in providing pain relief.
  • Yet another important benefit of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is that it helps avoid getting frequent colds, flu, etc.
  • Long-term solution to chronic discomforts can be provided by an experienced naturopathic doctor.
  • Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is also beneficial in slowing down the progression of a degenerative disease process.
  • Weight maintenance.
  • Increasing fitness levels.
  • Increased energy.
  • To maintain emotional balance.
  • Stress reduction is also another benefit of Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy.

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