Reflexology Pressure Points in Hands and Feet

Reflexology is an alternative medicine system which allows healing of the body and mind by using its own energy. It is a popular form of alternative healing and the main areas which are worked upon are the hands and feet. Knowing the reflexology pressure points in hands and feet can help in using this wonder therapy for its health benefits. Reflexology, when used appropriately on the pain pressure points on and hands and feet can help to relieve chronic pain too.

Also termed as zone therapy, Reflexology basically implies application of pressure with the help of hands, thumb or fingers, with or without using oil or lotion. This technique very wonderfully releases the blockage of energy in the body and the main application areas through which the technique works are hands and the feet. As there are no side effects of reflexology, it has been practiced on a very large scale in some parts of the world since ancient times.

Initially, it may seem difficult to recognize the zones in the hands and the feet which reflect the particular organs. But when seen through the chart of reflexology, there are some specific areas in hands and feet which correspond to specific organs. Reflexology pressure points in hands and feet can be well recognized through that and working on pain pressure points can prove to be very effective.

Reflexology Pressure Points in Hands and Feet

Reflexology Pressure Points in Hands and Feet

Reflexology works by applying the pressure on the specific points in the areas of hands and feet and many times, ears also are subjected to this technique. With this technique, it is easy to unblock the energy flow, make you feel calmer and considerably increase the energy level. Working on reflexology pressure points in hands and feet can help to release stress, relieve chronic pain or other conditions affecting the body.

Reflexology basically implies the application of pressure points in a way so that it provides relief to the corresponding organs, which the pressure points in hands and feet represent. It is the feet through which the treatment starts as feet represent most of the organs in the body and reflexology can work well from here. This therapy can help to remove toxins from the body, soothe the ailing organs and can also mitigate the symptoms to a significant level.

These days reflexology through hands and feet has become more common and many practitioners also employ some modern techniques. For instance, the usage of massagers or the use of essential oils along with focusing on reflexology pressure points in hands and feet are gaining popularity.

Reflexology Pressure Points in Hands

Talking about the hands, the following regions can be classified as below:

  • Ear is represented by the index and middle finger
  • Ear is related to the ring finger and small finger
  • Thumb represents the brain, pituitary, head and neck

Coming on to the Palm of the Hands:

  • Eye is indicated by the area below index finger and middle finger
  • Ear is represented below ring finger and small finger
  • Vertical area below small finger in the left palm indicates arms, heart, spleen, hip and thigh
  • Roughly below the middle and ring finger in the left palm indicate chest, breast, adrenal gland, kidney and intestine.
  • Below the thumb in vertical portion represent throat, thyroid, pancreas, bladder and uterus

Reflexology Pressure Points in Feet

Let us check as to what the foot map tells you because the reflexology pressure points in feet are the most effective ones and help you to get well soon in a nice way.

  • Big toe represents the head and neck and when pressure is applied to the fingers, it relieves you from the pain
  • Horizontal area below the fingers represent the spine
  • Upper mid-part represents the chest area
  • Upper mid-part represents the waist line which can be different for different people. To locate it exactly, it is that part where the foot gets thinner in width and here, your stomach and intestine are reflected.
  • Heel area is comparatively darker and represents the pelvic region

These regions are the basic reflexology pressure points in feet.

With the help of reflexology even stress is also relieved to a large extent which helps in boosting immunity and stamina. Even massaging your hands and feet regularly trigger the pain pressure points, which can help to relieve pain and improve health. Get a reflexology therapy or a massage done on a regular basis so that your immune system gets stronger and you can experience increased energy levels as well.

Reflexology pressure points in hands and feet can also improve your skin texture and make you look healthier. Right choice of oil or lotion can even improve the results to a greater extent and show an improvement in your overall health.

While reflexology is best done from an expert, these days various tools and massagers are available for this purpose. Most of these reflexology tools and aids have their user manuals for guidance about the reflexology pressure points in hands and feet. Based on this, you can use them on specific areas to obtain relief from pain, relieve stress and negative energies or work towards curing ailments.

Many parlours and reflexology centers offer healing therapies in reflexology. You can choose one for yourself, based on your needs and after checking the uniqueness and authenticity of the techniques being applied. An expert’s advice maybe considered for specific treatment to appropriately stimulate the reflexology pressure points in hands and feet.

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