Spleen QI Deficiency: Foods to Avoid, Foods to Take, Treatment, Symptoms

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the organs of the body are able to function normally due to a specific inner energy which is termed as “QI.” According to traditional Chinese medicine it is the QI which is responsible for making our body function normally and if there is a decrease in QI for certain organ of the body then that organ will not function normally. This article discusses about a deficiency of QI in the spleen and what are the reasons for it and how to treat it.

According to traditional medicine, the spleen and stomach are taken as an organ pair whose function is to process the nutrients and regulate body fluids, which means that the spleen and stomach together act as one unit which processes the ingested food and breaks it into constituents which are required by the body to function and also regulate body fluids. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the function of spleen is quite different from what is perceived to be the function of spleen in modern medicine. In this article, we will go in depth about Spleen QI Deficiency, the symptoms of it and what are the treatments.

What is a Spleen QI Deficiency?

What is a Spleen QI Deficiency?

A Spleen QI Deficiency occurs when there is not enough QI flowing through the spleen resulting in the spleen not functioning the way it should. This Spleen QI Deficiency gives rise to deficiency of QI in other organs of the body as well. It also leads to impaired ability of the body to generate enough QI from the consumed food to function normally.

What Causes Spleen QI Deficiency?

Some of the causes of Spleen QI Deficiency are:

  • Having an improper diet mainly consisting of raw foods, cold food items, raw proteins, juices resulting in decrease in the flow of QI in the spleen causing Spleen QI Deficiency
  • People who are regularly exposed to damp and wet weather also end up having Spleen QI Deficiency.
  • Any sort of emotional trauma or increased stress may also cause Spleen QI Deficiency
  • Prolonged usage of steroids and antibiotics can cause Spleen QI Deficiency.
  • Presence of mucus or phlegm in the digestive tract also causes Spleen QI Deficiency
  • Fungal infections is yet another cause of Spleen QI Deficiency.

What are the Symptoms of Spleen QI Deficiency?

Some of the symptoms of Spleen QI Deficiency are:

  • Poor appetite
  • Having a pale complexion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Excessive sweating with or without exertion
  • Abdominal distention
  • Excessive tiredness and lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath with or without exertion
  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive craving for sweets
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle pain
  • Weak pulse
  • Varicose veins
  • Easy bruising
  • Chronic uterine bleeding
  • Being excessively worried
  • Irritating behavior
  • Hemorrhoids.

The above mentioned are some of the prominent symptoms of Spleen QI Deficiency. If these symptoms are neglected or not treated at an appropriate time then it may lead to some other potentially serious consequences which may involve other organs of the body having QI deficiencies.

Foods to Avoid in Case of Spleen QI Deficiency

Since one of the most common cause for Spleen QI Deficiency is inappropriate eating habits, it is important to know what foods need to be avoided so as to prevent Spleen QI Deficiency.

The first major item that needs to be avoided is excess of salt and sugar in any eating item that is cooked.

Dairy products like milk and cheese should also be kept at a minimum if not completely avoided.

Some of the other food items that need to be avoided to prevent Spleen QI Deficiency are seaweed, juices, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, salads, onion, coriander, millet, peppermint, raw or undercooked grains.

Foods containing starch, wheat, oatmeal and rice need to be taken in limited quantity as excessive intake of such foods may cause Spleen QI Deficiency.

Foods to Take for Spleen QI Deficiency

We have gone through some of the food items that need to be avoided to prevent Spleen QI Deficiency. Now, there are some foods which one can take to prevent Spleen QI Deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that foods which contain “Yang Tonics” are really helpful for maintaining adequate QI in the body. These types of foods are good for the spleen as it warms it up and brings an improvement in the overall flow of QI in the body. Some of the foods which are rich in “Yang Tonics” are basil, fennel seeds, cloves, dill, dried ginger, garlic, shrimp, raspberries, and pistachios. So any food items containing these ingredients are quite helpful in preventing Spleen QI Deficiency.

What is the Treatment for Spleen QI Deficiency?

Diet: The best way to treat Spleen QI Deficiency is to eat a proper healthy diet since inappropriate diet is the most significant cause of Spleen QI Deficiency. The spleen functions best when it gets its supply of food at regular interval of times as it takes time for the spleen to absorb the nutrients of the food and digest the food. If the food that you eat is not properly chewed then it may pose a tough time for the spleen to digest it resulting in Spleen QI Deficiency. Hence while it is important to have a balanced diet it is equally important to properly chew the food that you eat.

Posture: Posture also plays an important role in Spleen QI Deficiency and if you do not have a good posture there is very high likelihood that you will end up with Spleen QI Deficiency.

Exercise: Walking about an hour daily is the best exercise for overall health and preventing Spleen QI Deficiency, specifically a walk after having a meal is good for digestion.

Eating a diet which is good for the spleen like stews, soups, root vegetables, chicken, yellow and orange squash need to incorporated in the diet for treating Spleen QI Deficiency.

For treating other symptoms of Spleen QI Deficiency like lethargy, weakness, fatigue, loose stools, frequent urination, a diet rich in grains and legumes can do wonders for your energy and increasing the QI. You should also try and eat green leafy vegetables.

For symptoms of Spleen QI Deficiency like cold extremities foods like eggs, ginger, and cinnamon bark should be eaten regularly. For symptoms like lack of appetite, bloating, improper digestion eating properly cooked potatoes, carrots, onions, oats can be taken.

In summary, if one follows the above mentioned diet, not only does he or she improves his or her health but also gets rid of Spleen QI Deficiency.

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