What is Speleotherapy and What are Its Benefits?

Alternative therapies have been quite popular. Speleotherapy is one of the best effective alternative respiratory therapies which involve breathing of the mineral infused air of a salt mine. Speleotherapy has some real great benefits to health and can eradicate a lot of illness and disease conditions from the body. This current article will reflect about the speleotherapy and its benefits to human health.

What is Speleotherapy and What are Its Benefits?

What is Speleotherapy?

The word speleotherapy originated from the Greek word Speleo, meaning “cave”. The Speleotherapy is a respiratory therapy which involves breathing of the mineral infused air in a micro-climate of a salt mine. It was first officially recognized as a therapy in the year 1843 by the Polish physician F. Bochkowsky. There are special speleotherapy clinics in various countries which treat symptoms like asthma, allergies of various kinds, inflammation of the respiratory tract etc.

Speleotherapy makes use of certain conditions of caves and mines to cure several diseases. Because the cave air is very low on dust, which could cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks; it reduces any kind of irritation and the diseased symptoms are reduced and completely eliminated when the patient is in the cave.

Special Characteristics of the Micro-climate of a Salt Mine Used in Speleotherapy:

Below are some of the special characteristics of the micro-climate of a salt mine used in Speleotherapy:

  • It has a stable temperature and humidity of the air
  • The air lacks airborne pollutants like pollens.
  • Studies have been conducted, which shows the air pressure at the depth is significantly higher than above ground which has been found to benefit the victims of respiratory diseases.

What are the Benefits of Speleotherapy?

Following are some of the benefits of Speleotherapy:

  • Being a complete holistic, natural and alternative therapy, Speleotherapy offers the benefit of working without any medical treatment or without any use of drugs. Thus they are least known to have any side effects. Even the pregnant women can benefit from the cave therapy or the speleotherapy without harming the child inside.
  • One of the benefits of Speleotherapy is that the cave air contains no or less dust, there are few chances of irritations and the symptoms of diseases get reduced and are completely eliminated from the body.
  • The cave is high in carbon dioxide which we release while exhaling. This carbon dioxide content actually influences the ANS or the Autonomic nervous system and induces a deeper and more intense breathing which actually aids in treating breathing or respiratory issues like asthma by training the breathing.
  • Apart from the benefits in treating or reducing the symptoms of asthma, Speleotherapy is also known to reduce various symptoms of allergies, other breathing problems etc.
  • Speleotherapy also has its benefits in soothing the skin conditions and keeping away from rashes or irritations on the skin. This therapy is known to treat various skin diseases including psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, neurodermitis etc.
  • Speleotherapy also is beneficial in treating the post burn skin conditions.
  • Various sex disorders are also known to be treated with the help of speleotherapy in a holistic manner.
  • Nervous system dysfunction can also be treated with the use of speleotherapy.
  • Speleotherapy is also known to be beneficial in treating chronic nonspecific lung diseases.

Speleotherapy at Home:

  • If you are looking for taking the benefits of the salt therapy or the speleotherapy at home, all you need is get a special home saline therapy device which are developed in order to make the therapy easily available at home and the basic of healing through such home saline therapy devices replicates the functioning and effects of speleotherapy aerosols.
  • Speleotherapy aerosols or the saline water aerosols are the aerosols of hypertonic salt water, i.e. 3-7% of Nacl which greatly effects in eradicating various breathing difficulties.
  • Now, the saline therapy devices are the hand-held devices, the ultrasonic salinizers and the hand-held salt inhaler.
  • In case of the hand held devices and the ultrasonic salinizers, there is a use of rock salt for creating microscopic breathable particles of salt.
  • Dry rock salts are used in case of the hand held salt inhaler and it can deliver the proper breathing solution by inhaling via mouth and exhaling via nose, offering 1-2 hours daily exposure.
  • In case of the ultrasonic salinizer, the salt aerosols are created by saline solution made with natural rock salt. The salt particles are released in to the indoor air and offer free breathing during the night.

Though there are some known benefits of Speleotherapy, there are still many countries which do not consider it to be that an effective therapy as it does not include any medical treatments or prescribed drugs. However, those who are benefited from the therapy or the speleotherapy practitioners surely believe in the wonders of this therapy.

Though there are no much known harmful effects of this alternative therapy; it is still recommended to kindly consult an expert health care provider, before availing this treatment of speleotherapy.

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