Cinnamon is a popular spice and is known for its beauty and healthy benefits. Owing to its natural healing and cleansing properties, it is used in many beauty and health products as well. This article deals with 6 beauty and healthy uses of cinnamon essential oil.


6 Beauty Benefits and Health Uses of Cinnamon Essential Oil

6 Beauty Benefits and Health Uses of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Here are 6 beauty and healthy uses of cinnamon essential oil.


  1. Cinnamon Can Cure Dry Skin

    One of the health benefits of cinnamon essential oil is that it can calm the itchy and dry skin adequately. Simply blend few drops of cinnamon oil with your face cream. Rub it on your skin for 10-15 minutes and ensure that the cream gets absorbed by the skin totally. Use cotton to remove the excess oil and cream and sleep with whatever is left with the cream on your face. Next morning, you can wash your face and apply sunscreen. You can repeat this remedy daily to get relief from dry skin and also lessen the signs of aging. You can apply cinnamon oil directly but it is better to dilute it with some face cream.

  2. Cinnamon Helps To Make The Lip Plumper

    Cinnamon oil is an organic item and very popular among ladies to get cushy and plumped lips, which is one of the beauty benefits of cinnamon essential oil. Before using cinnamon oil, remove the dry skin from lips by brushing them delicately or you can also scour it off.


    Blend 2 drops of cinnamon oil with a tablespoon of Vaseline and apply in little amounts on your lips and rub for a couple of minutes before letting it sit. You will feel slightly prickly sensation on your lips and inside a couple of minutes, your lips will appear plumped. This is the easiest approach to get fuller lips.

  3. Cinnamon Helps In Hair Growth Treatment

    Cinnamon oil is also known to treat different hair issues like hair fall, hair thinning and dandruff and can likewise invigorate hair growth. One of the beauty benefits and health uses of cinnamon essential oil is that it is an organic spice that can naturally treat your hair.

    Blend 5-6 drops of cinnamon oil with 5 tablespoons of olive oil and rub it on your scalp. Wash it off with natural shampoo after 45 minutes. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times each week to invigorate hair growth as it is also likewise a wonderful scalp cleanser.

  4. Cinnamon Acts As A Hair Cleanser

    Including a drop of cinnamon oil to your ordinary shampoo will help to keep your hair healthy and sound. Among the 6 beauty benefits and health uses of cinnamon essential oil are its cleansing and healing properties that make it a great hair nourishing agent.

  5. Cinnamon Can Be Used As A Mouth And Breath Freshener

    Awful breath is surely a bad thing ever, yet you can fix it effectively and organically. One of the important health benefits of cinnamon essential oil, is its benefits in oral hygiene. Cinnamon goes about as regular breath revitalizer and cleans the breath. Simply chew a cinnamon stick and it will release its basic oils which kill microorganisms that cause terrible breath. It also helps keep the oral cavity clean and free of germs.

  6. Cinnamon is a Disinfectant

    One of the uses of cinnamon essential oil is that it can be used as a cleaning agent at home too. Cinnamon essential oil is a natural disinfectant that can be used on any surface you are planning to prepare food and also in your fridge. Cinnamon oil fills in as a non-dangerous common disinfectant and you can utilize it to clean your toilets, different surfaces, kitchen counters, entryway handles, microwave, and even tennis shoes which are a specific abode of germs. You can even utilize it to sanitize your chopping board.

    Warning - Cinnamon oil must be vigorously diluted before using it or it can damage your skin and nasal membranes.

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