Causes & Home Remedies for Sudden Growth of Grey Hair or Premature Grey Hair

The sudden grey hair growth spurt can be perplexing. We usually associate grey hair with old age. So how do you explain black hair turning grey when you are in your 30s? This ‘phenomena‘ can be attributed to the chemical known as melanin.

The root of each strand of hair under your scalp is cornered by hair tissue called hair follicle, which has pigment cells. These cells are responsible for producing the chemical called melanin that gives your hair its black, red or brown color.

As you grow older, the pigment cells start to die and the production of melanin reduces, making your strands lose their color. As a result, your hair becomes more transparent while taking on a white or grey tint. This is the reason why hair greying is clubbed with age.

Although hereditary factors and genetics play an important role in determining when your hair turns grey, you can never be certain when it decides to pay your follicles an early visit.

There are growing number of people in their 20’s, and younger, who have reported that their hair took on a grey shade early. The sudden growth or grey hair or premature greying of hair can be linked to a host of factors:

Causes & Home Remedies for Sudden Growth of Grey Hair or Premature Grey Hair

What Causes Sudden Growth of Grey Hair or Premature Grey Hair?

The reasons for grey hair are still debatable but there is no conclusive proof. However, genetics has a role to play. Smoking and an improper diet are also contributing factors that can cause sudden growth or grey hair or premature grey hair. Here are some of the commonly known causes of sudden grey hair or premature greying of the hair:

Sudden Growth of Grey Hair Caused due to Vitamin-Deficiency

Mineral and vitamins, especially copper, zinc and vitamin B12ensure that your hair is properly nourished. These vitamins and minerals help the metabolic process, which gives your hair its color. A mineral or vitamin deficiency will affect hair color. If your body does not get its daily dose of vitamin C and E, your hair will turn grey normally.

Premature Greying of Hair Caused Due to Smoking

Smoking can also cause sudden growth or grey hair or premature greying of hair. Smoking can aid in the development of free radicals in your body. The free radicals are responsible for causing oxidative stress in your body. This usually leads to a reduction in the pigmenting capacity of melanin, which is responsible for premature greying of hair.

How Junk Food Contributes to Sudden Growth or Grey Hair Premature Greying of Hair?

A bad diet could also lead to sudden growth of grey hair or premature grey hair. Junk or processed food ramps up the aging process by upping oxidative stress and AGE (Advanced Gyration End products) deposition. This helps speed up the aging process and is responsible for the loss of hair color.

If you need your daily fix of junk food, as opposed to foods rich in vitamins C and E, be prepared to lose your silky hair color at a young age.

What are the Home Remedies to Treat Sudden Growth of Grey Hair or Premature Grey Hair?

If you are in your late 20s and noticed a grey strand of hair, it is time to take notice. Keep a check on the lifestyle choices you make and change them. If you need to visit a doctor, make the appointment.

When your hair starts greying, try not to turn to chemical products and procedures to hide the grey stands. There are natural home remedies to help with the situation:

Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves Tonic for Premature Grey Hair

Curry leaves can be an effective home remedy that can help restore your hair’s lost pigments. The leaves contain a pigment that helps in restoring your hair’s natural color. Incorporate curry leaves in your diet. Apply a curry leaves and coconut oil mixture on the greying area and massage for a good 10-12 minutes. Leave the mixture overnight and wash it in the morning. Continue the practice for three months for best results.

Amla for Grey Hair

A good mixture of amla and lemon juice can be a useful home remedy that could help treat the problems of sudden growth of grey hair or premature grey hair. Use the water to wash your hair in the morning. Make sure you have enough to last the entire duration of a head bath.

Home Remedy Using Ridge Gourd to Tackle the Problem of Sudden Growth or Grey Hair or Premature Grey Hair

You will first need to dry the ridge gourd in the sun. Then, soak the pieces in coconut oil for at least 3-4 days. Proceed to boil coconut oil with the ridge gourd. Strain the mixture and store it. Use the mixture to massage your scalp at least twice a week. It is interesting to note that a ridge gourd is also used as a loofah for external cleansing.

Home Remedy for Sudden Growth of Grey Hair or Premature Grey Hair Using Buttermilk and Coconut Oil

A buttermilk and coconut oil mixture is also a great home remedy to treat premature grey hair. If you have oily hair, you will benefit from the buttermilk-curry leaves mixture. You can grind the leaves and extract the juice. Making buttermilk at home is easy. Churn plain yoghurt with water. Mix the curry leave juice with buttermilk. Boil the mixture for close to five minutes. Let it cool down before applying the mixture on the scalp. Keep it on for close to 45 minutes before washing your hair. Not only will this mixture prevent premature greying, it will also check hair loss.

Sesame-Carrot Juice

If grey strands are already taking over your hair, it is time to seek an effective home and natural remedy. A mixture of carrot juice, fenugreek seeds and sesame oil can do wonders for your greying hair. Add fenugreek powder to the carrot juice and sesame oil mixture. You will then need to sun the concoction for around three weeks. Once the 21 days are over, apply the mixture on the scalp. For best results, use the mixture for around three months. For men, this mixture can be applied to other ‘grey’ areas like the moustache, chest and beard.

Embracing Grey Hair

If you are willing to make the extra effort to treat premature grey hair, embrace it. A nice haircut could actually make the grey strands work in your favour. For ladies, a nice weave could cover up those grey strands of hair. For men, a buzz cut could be just the look for you. If you can’t beat, blend in with it!

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